You don’t know how Strong you are until being Strong is THE only Option










Hi everyone, and thanks for blogging in. I’ve been a bit quiet on blogging and for those who know me will probably know that these last 2 months have been THE most challenging of my life to date. I didn’t quite realise how much things had affected me and my Energy until I woke up this morning and felt REVITALISED and myself Thank you Universe I feel truly blessed to be in good health and living the life I lead. But to put things into perspective the last 2 months I have been faced with many Life changing events including leaving my job in Financial Services which I had been in for 19 years, selling my house and moving in with the in laws to pursue my Dream of living in Ibiza, this was followed by my mum passing, then a few weeks later my grandad passing and a whole load of bills and fines landing on my lap… I’d wake up each day trying to be positive and something else would come and slap me in the face. We all have challenging times and these really are the times which make us Strong and resilient. “You don’t know how Strong you are until being Strong is the only option”. So I’m not writing this for sympathy or attention but more to share with you the techniques and lifestyle choices I have taken in this period which I believe have seen me through AND will make me come out Stronger on the other side. Everyday I make a warm water with lemon and take it down to my Garden room where I do yoga practice followed by a short meditation. I really don’t do anything before doing this daily ritual – Admittedly the last few weeks I haven’t felt like doing it somedays but still forced myself down there even if practice was only 10 minutes, sometimes I’d lie down in meditation and just want to lie there all day but I didn’t. I’d set intentions and Thank the Universe for the wonderful things I have in my life (of which there are always many – even when it may not feel like it) I then pull Angel cards everyday – These give me guidance on what actions and decisions to make in my life. Mine are Doreen Virtue Oracle cards and they have helped me make many important decisions – Some of you reading this will think it’s a whole load of hippy shizz – But don’t knock it until you have tried it. I love working out in fitness classes and although I feel like my fitness has waded a little I have ensured that I have still regularly been attending the gym and classes this really is a release for me and no matter how much I didn’t feel like going I can guarantee I will ALWAYS feel better afterwards. I truly believe with fitness and yoga it is all down to the teachers and if you find one’s you have a good connection with they will ensure you enjoy it and you may even find you become addicted to it. I know my limit for no fitness is 4 days, after that I can feel the stress levels rise and my mind feels jumbled and an anxious type feeling kicks in. Personally for me Boxing and Yoga are my favourites, boxing releases my frustrations and stress and yoga calms my mind and body and prevents me getting injured. As I’m a nutritionist obviously food plays a big part in my life and I truly believe that the foods we eat massively affect our mood, our energy, our hormones and our stress levels. I juice often ensuring the majority of ingredients are vegetables and use various natural supplements such as baobab, wheatgrass and spirulina for some of my recipe’s like my facebook page I also ensure all my food is as close to nature as nature intended, therefore eating nothing processed or laden with chemicals as I truly believe the influx of these into our bodies has our hormones racing, blood sugar levels rising, our digestive systems dying and our brain in complete array. The other thing I do on a regular basis is read, and I don’t mean the latest gossip mags or celeb news but educational and motivational books and articles which really does help focus my mind and gives me faith and hope. My latest read is the new release by Rhonda Byrne, Hero. I can resonate with so much in the book here’s a little snippet ” Be aware of how you’re feeling there are times when you feel negative, down and defeated, the most important thing you can do is accept responsibility and choose to do something different to alter your current circumstances” That’s what I did when I choose to leave a well paid job in financial services, I didn’t want to become one of those people that just moaned about their job I had to DO something about it. – “Feel the Fear and do it anyway” Last but by no means least what has seen me through these last 2 months are the Strong supportive positive people I have around me such as my marvellous husband, lots of amazing friends who really are like family and my family both blood family and married in family. I really couldn’t have come through this without the support of them all. So if any of you are reading this now then a Huge THANK YOU – I owe you one.

So in short Strong’s top 5 Tips to keep your Spirits high when it feels like the world is against you.

1. Exercise – Move your body – Use it or lose it

2. Meditate – Give your mind a break and focus on the things you want not what you don’t want.

3. Eat Well – Give up the CRAP – Carbonated drinks, Refined Carbs, Artificial Sweetners & Processed stuff

4. Read – Educational, inspirational & Motivational books and articles. Start with “The Secret” if you haven’t already

5. Surround yourself with Positive Supportive people.

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Thanks for reading Start The Strong Way Live The Long Way.