Purpose – To inspire YOU to Live a Happier Healthier LIFE

Do you want to learn more about Food and drinks and what effects these have on YOU?  How they effect  your physical body, your mood, your hormones, your memory, your digestion, your health and your ENERGY. Do you want to do this in a relaxed, informal, fun loving environment with like minded people. If your answer is YES then a Strong 4 Life workshop is the place for you to do this.

You will be in a group of friendly enthusiastic people who don’t want to be preached too but have come of their own self will to learn more about the friends and foes of food. The workshops tend to be a full day event run with either Yoga teachers or Fitness instructors around the UK and generally have a theme. Check events for details but many are open to experienced yogi’s and those who attend regular fitness classes and beginners alike.

Some of the workshops I have run recently have been Revitalise Your Mind & Body, Detox & Get in Shape for Summer. Topics covered included the benefits of RAW and juicing, why choose organic, foods to help prevent certain illnesses or reduce symptoms. Foods which deplete and increase energy, and rejuvenation tips for the 21st Century.

In some workshops I juice and / or do smoothie demonstrations and provide a taster lunch including many of the foods we discuss throughout the day. This gives you an opportunity to taste the foods and feel the effect on your body – You will remember tastes and feelings but maybe not words. This will hopefully encourage you to go away and incorporate one or two of these things into your lifestyle and ultimately your family, body mind and soul will reap the rewards – Inside and out!

Go on what are you waiting for book an event NOW – If you have a group of people or a business whom you think would benefit  from one of these events please get in touch as I would love to discuss new opportunities.

My aim is to share my knowledge and passion about the effects food has on our body to as many people worldwide as I can so if you feel you can support me in this I’d love to hear from you.