What’s Important to YOU

Hi guys and gals, well I had planned to regularly blog and write a monthly newsletter BUT for those parents amongst you you will understand that having a newborn baby really is a full time job. I never used to get that when friends used to say I just haven’t had time, what you haven’t had 10 minutes yeh right I thought but jeez NOW I get it!. Being a mum has Really changed me and my life and Everyday is a school day. It has made me evaluate what is important to me and also to manage my time effectively. Angel truly is an Angel however I wouldn’t say he’s an easy baby he needs a LOT of attention. I believe the universe has gifted me with such a child to “Slow me down” for those who have known me a long time you will know I used to be 100mph and have a jam packed diary work and pleasure. Not anymore I take Great pleasure in just being present, living in the now and focusing on Breathing (properly) Most of us don’t and I used to be included in that. This is one sure way of shortening our Life! Big belly breathing is what we need not shallow heart breathing – Do a test – How do you breathe? Give yourself a well deserved 5 minute time out and focus on Your breathing!

As most of my day is spent loving caring and nurturing Angel I have to look at what is important to me, and there are a couple of things I have not let slip since becoming a mum. One of which is daily meditation, unfortunately I don’t get chance to do physical practice everyday BUT I ensure I do at least a short meditation everyday, sometimes just 10 minutes but I fit it in. There have been 3 days since the birth of Angel when I haven’t and guess what? Those were not good days… Now for those cynics amongst you you may think, it’s all in the mind! Well most of us live “all in the mind” and meditation gives us that time and space to go into our subconscious, our creative space – where the Magic happens! Another thing I have managed to do is Read as when I am feeding (which Angel does ALOT) I take this opportunity to educate and evolve through reading and I have revisted Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” here’s an extract for those who haven’t read it “Negativity is totally unnatural. it is a physic pollutant. No other life form on the planet knows negativity, only humans, and so link into the human mind and Insanity” and I don’t mean of the exercise kind. For those fitness freaks amongst you you will know what I mean. But on a serious note I found this statement particularly interesting especially with the increase of dementia and other mental illnesses! I also regularly journal about my thoughts, feelings and aspirations. This used to be Everyday but now it is Most days. This really helps me put things into perspective especially when Phill is away and I don’t have anyone to run things by, most of the time we have our own answers if we just STOP and listen.

Last but by no means least the 1 thing I absolutely promised myself I would keep up is my nutrition, after all I am not one of these un authentic types which don’t practice what they preach I absolutely do, and the reason I do this is not to deprive myself, or to make me sound good But because I KNOW it makes me FEEL GOOD. Even when in hospital after Angel’s birth I didn’t eat their food but asked Phill to bring in some nutritious delights. With a newborn it’s important to be prepared. So I will make things like quinoa with orange, raisins, nuts & seeds, pomegranates and make enough for 2/3 meals. I will have green salads and my spirraller is a god send for sprucing these up with courgette noodles, quick and easy, I always have rice cakes and almond butter on hand and of course my juices and smoothies. Smoothies especially as very quick to make and can just rinse out the vitamix can drink with one hand while feeding with the other. I can whack lots of superfoods in there such as Bee Pollen, Cacao, Chia seeds to name but a few all of which help to keep my Energy levels high, which I have to say they are. I have not needed 1 daytime nap since Angel,s birth and he has NEVER slept through the night, waking at least 4 times and usually up at 530am.I am not telling you this to gloat but to express the importance and results of good clean FOOD. Most people not just new mums complain of lack of Energy and most of us believe Everything is Energy and without it we struggle with life. To find out more about maintaining optimum Energy through what you eat why not check out one of my January workshops in the UK details will be updated on my website very soon http://www.strong4lifenutrition.co.uk/ to keep updated sign up to my newsletter.

So the 3 things that are important to me for me are 1) Meditation 2) Reading & Journalling 3) Good Clean Food. So now it’s your turn what are your 3 things?

OH sorry 1 more VERY IMPORTANT thing is having a Positive network of people around me, either by satellite or in person. As Eckhart Tolle states Negativity is Unnatural and certainly for me it is very draining, so watch and feel your energy when you are around people do you feel Uplifted or downtrodden when you leave them either in person or on a call or social media – Choose your people carefully. I know my positivity can annoy people sometimes, especially via social media sites but these people can choose to defriend or block me we can’t all get on even though we are all connected.

So I am now signing off as the little fella awakens but I will be out with my newsletter Very soon Thanks for reading and I hope to connect with you one day soon.


Love Light & Laughter

Lisa X