Wellness Coaching

The Doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame in diet and in the cause & prevention of dis-ease. “Thomas Edison”

Energy 4 LifeI am a Certified Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach. Energy 4 Life is an accredited coaching programme  (The founder of the Energy 4 Life Programme is the Award winning coach, speaker and author Shola Arewa) which incorporates Energy Exercise, Energy Balance, Energy Psychology and Energy Foods. The Energy Exercise is gentle flowing yoga moves created to stimulate the body in the morning and calm the body in the evening. Energy balance is a range of gentle effective hands on body techniques which realign and rebalance our energy system which in turn enhances health & wellbeing. Energy Psychology explores your beliefs, value’s and life scripts and how they may be holding you back from your goals. Energy food explores high energy food with a focus on RAW foods and we recommend foods which are as close to nature as intended. The programme is designed to work on a one to one basis supporting and facilitating clients move from where they are currently in life to where they want to be. Not all 4 modalities are used with all clients each client is unique and therefore has unique circumstances, needs and desires. Coaching is different to counselling it is a holistic approach to getting the most out of life and achieving greater health, happiness and success. (whatever success may mean to you, it’s different for us all) It could relate to family, relationships, money, spirituality, health, the list goes on. At E4L our coaching style is a partnership for fulfilment and success. We all want and need a purpose but sometimes just need guidance to find it, through the sessions I will assist you to uncover and progress towards your goals. It gives you space to talk openly and not to be judged. Everyone wants to be listened to and it’s a skill many of us lack, we like to talk but do we really listen and hear what the other person is saying to us. This is your opportunity to talk and be listened too – This is YOUR time – No-one else to consider except YOU! How does that sound?? Hmmmmm Bliss!

What are you waiting for book your session’s with me Lisa Strong now and let’s work together to unleash your goals and passions and make them become a reality.