The Birth of an Angel

Hi Everyone I hope you’re all enjoying the Summer we are being Blessed with much sunshine this year – The sun is our easiest way of getting the much needed Vitamin D – There is a lot of research now showing people who have Cancer or Dementia are shown to have a deficiency in Vitamin D. Get yourself out in the sun without Sunscreen for a little while when you can and let this Free Happy Pill be absorbed into your skin and feel an instant high, natural anti depressant. You’ve got to admit the sun does give you an instant high right? This is one Vitamin which is quite difficult to obtain enough from food so get out in nature and smile.

The Strong family are currently living like gypsies housesitting where possible as we sold our houses to pursue our Dream to live in Ibiza, this was before we found out I was pregnant. I’d like to take this opportunity to once again Thank all our wonderful family & friends who are / have supported us through this and invited us into their homes too many to mention but you know who you are! I sit here sometimes thinking we need a “Miracle” to happen to complete our project / Dream and then I look into my Son’s eyes and realise we already made one happen…. He IMG_6730truly is an Angel by name and by nature. Angel Pharrell Strong entered the world on 15th July 2014. He was 2 weeks over his due date and the birth wasn’t natural as I had planned, but I genuinely believe all the daily practice I did including Yoga, Meditation, Hypnobirthing, Journalling, using Crystals and Angel cards in the months and weeks running upto the birth helped me remain calm and focused during quite a traumatic event where an emergency caesarean was called for to deliver our Angel. The Doctor said had this have been 10 years ago our little boy would not have survived. The weeks running upto the birth taught me many lessons including not to be such a control freak, to Let go and know that everything is happening in Divine timing. I am not a lover of hospitals or medics but I have to say the staff at Liverpool Women’s were Amazing and this made me realise that there are instances that Mother Nature needs a helping hand and again to accept this after all there are two ways to look at things Accept it or Change it. In this instance I couldn’t change it. One of the reasons I wouldn’t have wanted a C Section is because what you read says you may have trouble bonding and not be able to breastfeed. For any budding mums reading this -this is utter rubbish, the minute I came round from the general anaesthetic Phill was holding our baby boy he was put straight on me and latched straight away. We had skin to skin all day and feeding has not been a problem so don’t believe what you read we are all here on a journey and I believe all this is part of mine. The nurses were quite surprised by my mobility in the hospital after my operation and the lack of medication / painkillers I needed I genuinely believe good diet, including plenty of greens and daily exercise has helped with this after all “Food is thy Medicine” My recovery has been good thankfully as after 2 weeks Phill went back to work and I had to cope alone. In the words of Susan Jeffers from Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway ” I can handle this” and to all you out there whatever is happening in your world remember this mantra say to yourself “I can handle this” The universe only sends us what we can handle and remember with every challenge there are opportunities. So onto the name of our son, some people have asked me why and where did we get the name Angel, not that we need to explain but for those who are wondering here is the answer. Sadly my mum passed away on the 7th October last year and 2 weeks later we found out I was pregnant after over 3 years of trying – Soon after during meditation the name Angel came to me (this was to be the name if our baby was a girl or a boy) At first Phill wasn’t sure until I told him our son will be brought up in Ibiza where Angel is a common boys name and he was sold, I was adamant in wanting a middle name Phill wasn’t until I came up with Pharrell meaning Heroic man and also the name of the very talented and inspirational Pharrell Williams the songwriter who wrote the worldwide renowned “Happy” song. So there it was the birth of our Son Angel Pharrell Strong. I am learning things everyday in my new life. Being a mother has taught me to slow down even more, be mindful and live in the NOW! Every mother keeps telling me relish this time it doesn’t last long and as I see my little boy change each day I can appreciate this hence why I have decided to take off 6 months with him to bond, grow, laugh and learn. There will certainly be no DNA test as Angel is a mini Phill. So I will end this blog with a message to all budding mums as I know I have a few clients who are pregnant with their first child saying there really is no love like it. I really believe what we put into and on our bodies during pregnancy really does affect our unborn children and in this I mean emotions as well as food, drink and chemicals. I felt great all the way through my pregnancy and did yoga up until the day of the birth. I ate well and didn’t drink alcohol and felt energised, happy and emotionally stable all the way through – OK admittedly those last few overdue days were emotionally trying BUT I came through it very happy and content following the birth of our Angel.

Love Light & Laughter Lise XX