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I have recently returned home following a 5 day Yoga & Nutrition Retreat on the magical island of Ibiza, with the dynamic duo Adele Hartshorn & Lisa Strong. 

I was blown away by the full effects this retreat had on me & my fellow yogis! Ali

Yoga & nutrition go hand in hand for all round well being, but I hadn’t realised just how much could be achieved in such a short time. 

Adele is an expert in her field & loves to share her passion for yoga. I regularly attend her yoga classes twice a week & she never fails to make them challenging & fun. It was heaven to indulge in 2 of her yoga sessions per day in Ibiza. We experienced Adele’s infectious enthusiasm in varying types of yoga, Yin, Yang & mediation, & benefitted from each in individual ways. Coinciding yoga with Adele’s experienced NLP workshop complimented our stay & gave us a wide overview of the mind & the body, giving us the tools to make positive changes in areas of our lives that we may wish to improve.

It was fantastic to have chef Lisa onsite in the villa preparing us the most delicious vegetarian meals. We enjoyed super juices, slow energy releasing breakfasts, lunches, dinners & snacks prepared fresh each day. Lisa was more than happy discuss each meal in detail, it’s plant based ingredients & all the health benefits they contained. Having discovered how various foods effect us has encouraged me to make some life changing decisions on my food choices & their sources. I found Lisa’s workshops completely fascinating & I learn’t so much from her expert knowledge on nutrition. I felt so energised during our 5 days of eating nothing but clean food & thankfully Lisa gave us to the information to continue feeling that way once we returned back to the UK.

I feel that Adele and Lisa are both truly inspirational people & I feel very lucky that they have come in to my life.

I have felt fabulous as a result of this amazing experience, encouraged by the fact friends & family have also noticed a positive change in me, both in appearance & my attitude to life! 

The retreat certainly exceeded all my expectations, I can’t wait to go again! To sum it up in one word, it was BLISS!! 

Huge thanks goes to Adele & Lisa, I am eternally grateful. 

Much Love,  Ali Sandywell Cheshire May 2014 x

“Having just returned from a 5 day retreat with Lisa in Ibiza, I am amazed at what influence she and her advice have had on me. I went thinking “5 days of vegetarian food”. That’s as far as I’d got……. it never occurred to me that I would learn what I did. As someone who has spent a life time of eating rubbish, the thought of the food made me nervous…….. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Each day, we had prepared a variety of different options, and menus, from raw foods, to desserts, to snacks……even the juices were a novelty. It was clearly explained why we were eating what we were, and what the benefits were. What Lisa did for me in the 5 days, was she instilled in me, the principles that I wanted to bring home……with ideas and recipes I could do for myself. I’ve so far been home for 1 week, and the comments from friends and family have been outstanding…….they all say I look vibrant, my skin looks clear, my eyes look bright……. I am totally converted. I cannot recommend Lisa and her nutritional advice highly enough. Thank you” Gemma Ross Cheshire May 2014


“I met Lisa Strong at the end of 2013 after attending one of her nutrition talks.  She certainly opened my eyes about the foods I put into my body and fed my family.  On my return I made immediate changes and started reading food labels.

I went on a yoga and nutrition retreat with Lisa and took time out from my busy and stressful life to learn more about food and the effect it had on my body.  I have suffered with chronic pain for 12 years and have tried everything to get my pain under control.  I was on a lot of painkillers and daily morphine which left me extremely tired, bloated and still in chronic pain.  My goal for attending the retreat was to try and cut my medication by healthy eating and exercise.  Lisa prepared the food for the whole weekend providing delicious vegetarian and gluten free food.  The nutrition talks and juicing were a revelation to me and once I got back I started my juicing regime.

I have to say I have never felt this good in 12 years.  My husband says it’s like having the old me back again.  Friends had noticed that I was glowing, I had lost weight and had the sparkle back in my eyes.  Even though I had not told anyone what I was doing.  Lisa has changed my life.  Before I was just surviving, not enjoying life, just trying to make it through each day.  Every day I had to go back to bed due to severe exhaustion.  No more.  I have loads of energy, feel great and I am actually looking forward to the future.  I have had no morphine since returning from the retreat and have cut my pain medication in half.  I really cannot believe that something this simple has had such a profound effect on my life.  Where doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, pain clinics, specialists, cortisone injections have failed – Lisa has succeeded.

My only regret – I wish I had met her years ago!”
- Joanne Winter, Cumbria Jan 2014


cache_26501557[1]“FitNutrish Retreat Amazing…it ticked ALL the boxes for me, great workouts, great nutritional food and information and an amazing group of girls, our room was lovely, would do it again no probs, keep the great working partnership going….IT’S WORKING… Love to you both X” Lynda Mc. FitNutrish Ellesmere Port Jan 2014


COFitNutrish Retreat…”I had a truly amazing weekend and everything was well organised and well planned…you both did ace! The only negative was coming home i could of stayed another day….thanks again”! Claire O.  FitNutrish Jan 2014


Testimonials“First of all let me thank you and tab for the amazing experience you gave me, the professional and passionate way you delivered the retreat was out of this world, there is nothing I could suggest to make it any better, loved your talks on nutrition, loved tabs yoga and hypno sessions, loved your cooking, loved not eating meat for a change, loved the way everybody treated everybody…specially you two, there is nothing I could suggest to make it any better, big deal there was no sunshine we had you two to ourselves…you have the winning formula please don’t change a thing, if anything I would of liked the group to give you a big round of applause at the end to show our appreciation and I’m sure everyone would agree with that.”
– Gary G  (Holidays & Retreats)


Testimonial “Up until recently I’d never experienced Reiki. I’m so glad that Lisa Strong, not only introduced me to it,  but carried out the therapy! She’s not only an amazingly warm welcoming person, but has a fantastic knack to empathise with you and your needs as a person. (that’s before any treatment starts) Lisa has a talent for carrying out Reiki, she has the gift to relax you, remove stress and create/instil a sense of well being. I can only describe how I felt after my treatment as “super relaxed and content”.Everyone would benefit from experiencing Reiki with Lisa, in fact I tell my clients  that they should go! Thank you Lisa! “
- Mrs Kennedy-Stamos Wallasey (Reiki)


“The 6 E4L sessions I had with Lisa gave me protected time to be able to really think about what I wanted to achieve at this point in my life. Lisa’s facilitative coaching approach helped me to organise my thoughts, question myself and consider my options.

The WOW list I made at each appointment was a great way of keeping on track and moving forward.

I’ve now finished the sessions and gained so much: organised time better to spend more quality time with my Mum; better appreciation of my food choices and affects on my energy levels; and a place booked on a Psychology & Psychotherapy course. Thank you, you’ve helped me make a positive difference to my life.

You are a special soul x”
- Mrs C. (Ellesmere Port)


Testimonial“I have been amazed by the changes in my energy levels and sense of well being since first seeing Lisa 6 weeks ago. Lisa is friendly and approachable and her knowledge and passion for nutrition is second to none. I have found myself on a natural high and after suffering from headaches for 2 years these seem to have stopped completely . I have learnt so much in my sessions already and cannot rave enough about how great I am feeling. I would challenge anyone not to feel the benefits.”
- Cath Green



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