Take time to reflect & relax

Hi Everyone I would like to start this blog by saying a HUGE Thank you to all my Clients, workshop attendee’s, & retreat goers for supporting me and helping me to Live my Dream - My Dream is to support other people to live a Happier Healthier more Energetic Life. Life is for Living and to do that we need ENERGY. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again everything I train in is Energy in fact EVERYTHING is Energy. Without it life can be a daily struggle, an unhappy existence and one where we are not fulfilled. I am now 37 weeks pregnant and I am officially on maternity leave even though I LOVE what I do I am using this time to reflect & relax and take care of myself and my baby. Not such a long time ago I would think doing nothing was a waste of time and that we always had to be doing something I now understand it is so important to give not just our body but also our mind a break, this should be done daily where possible! I am a massive advocate of meditation and practice everyday. Sometimes only 5 minutes sometimes 30 minutes or longer depends how I am feeling and what I have going on. Meditation has SO many health benefits it is hard to ignore and as the saying goes “Those who say they don’t have 20 minutes a day to meditate are the one’s who should be sitting there for an hour”. Some of the most influential people meditate regularly – Oprah, Tony Robbins & even the employee’s of Google. Let me give you 5 good reasons to meditate.

1) It lowers STRESS – Which I believe is the root cause of so many illnesses & dis-ease we face today.

2) It lowers depression risks in all but especially teenagers & pregnant ladies

3) It can support weightloss goals

4) It helps us get to know our True selves and what we really want from life.

5) It then helps us get what we really want from Life.

With these and many more benefits how can you not have time to meditate?

I did a lovely candle meditation with Lyndsey from Ellesmere Port Yoga on Saturday where I held my last workshop. This helps completely clear the mind. Lyndsey is starting a pregnancy yoga class this week if anyone is interested then contact Lyndsey direct I would highly recommend her here is her website http://www.ellesmereportyoga.co.uk/

IMG_5957I mentioned in my last newsletter about the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who share our Dreams and Lift our Spirit and yesterday I did just that. I spent the afternoon with some of my closest friends who held a baby shower and spiritual blessing for me and my unborn baby. It was a very special moment which I will cherish forever and they all lit a candle and gave me their positive affirmations and thoughts. When I feel I need support I will contact them all they will light and spend a few moments sending me their positive vibes. So we do not have to be physically with someone to feel their energy. Thank you to my good friend and one of my Yoga teachers Kirsty Gallagher for putting this beautiful ceremony together. Kirsty & I do workshops & retreats together so watch this space for 2015 dates. Beside is a picture of my friends putting their hands on my bump and sharing their Energy and thoughts with me & Baba Strong. The Energy was Immense……….

So as the theme here is relax, take time for you and Energy don’t forget I stock RawChi superfoods and blends to support us in our strive to Health & Wellbeing. I still have some stock available and soon will have an affiliates code for you to order online. Last week our Vitality Blend was featured in OK magazine. This blend includes spirulina, chlorella, acai, inulin amongst other superfoods. It is designed to help us obtain optimum nutrition, increase our energy, improve our digestion and generally increase our Zest for Life. I have a few packs left if you would like to order one please let me know this week and I will hold one for you. Check out the products available on www.rawchifood.com and let me know what you would like to order.

I also stock spirallers to make raw noodles with Courgettes, carrots etc I have 2 left and are £10 each. 1st come first serve. Email me lisa@strong4lifenturition.co.uk to place your order.

To keep in touch while I’m on maternity leave I would love you to register for my free newsletters http://www.strong4lifenutrition.co.uk/ each month I write an article on a different wellbeing subject. I will be writing one later this week I haven’t decided on the theme yet so if anyone has any requests please email or Facebook me. My 2015 events will be posted on here too I will be co hosting UK retreats and workshops in January and Ibiza retreats from May onwards. These will be with Yoga Teachers and Fitness Instructors. The feedback we have had so far on these events has been Fantastic check out some of my testimonials if you would like to see what clients have said about their experiences. http://www.strong4lifenutrition.co.uk/testimonials/

Love Light & Laughter and Remember make time to Relax & Reflect and this doesn’t mean slumping in front of the TV – Silence is Bliss……XXX