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Hi folks its been a while since my last blog, 5 months to be precise… Where has that time gone, Angel is now 8 months!!! Well as the saying goes “Time flies when you’re having fun” and I certainly am! I have done my 1st Strong4Life Nutrition Education talk here in Ibiza for which I teamed up with TWC (The Workout Club) Whether you are a resident or holidaymaker wanting to keep fit check these guys out Great Vibe They are a renowned fitness company here on the island. They share my ethos for no “Diet” is right for everyone Except “eating Clean”For those who follow me you will have heard this saying before but here it goes again….

“There are TOO many people counting Calories and not enough counting Chemicals”

These in my opinion are the killers, these are what are draining our Energy and Zest for Life. Being a new mum I am VERY passionate about ensuring Angel is FREE from Chemicals as much as possible and one way I can ensure that is through his food. I have spoken to quite a few mums about weaning their babies and thought I would put a few of my findings down on paper. I am not saying my findings, feeding techniques or recipes are Right because as a new mum everyday is a school day for me, however I have found some of these techniques and foods have worked well for me & Angel so I thought I would share, and if it helps at least one other Mama n Baba then my mission is accomplished. #sharingiscaring

So here goes firstly I am still breastfeeding so that is the only type of milk Angel has and has had. (I wouldn’t say this is the easy option as he still feeds throughout the night, BUT I am Blessed not to need a lot of sleep…. This boy Loves his Boobies!) A couple of foods which are good for milk supply are Oats, Fennel tea, AND one of my Favourites Chia Seeds. The chia seeds is due to the abundant Omega 3 fats they contain.

Ok so I started to wean Angel at 5 months against what is now the recommended of 6 months. The reason for this was that he was 2 weeks late so his Digestive system will have been a further 2 weeks developed and when I tried him with his 1st bit of apple puree he gulped it down, so as with most things I do as a mum I went with my Mother’s Instinct. Every child is different and every child’s mum knows best, just Listen to your Heart the answers are there. For the 1st month he only had 1 small pot per day in addition to his “On demand Boobie feeds!”

In the first month I only gave him one type of fruit or vegetable puree at a time and then specifically watched for any type of reaction to identify and intolerances or allergies. Some examples I gave him in the 1st month were, apple, pear, prune, sweet potato, cauliflower & parsnip purees. At first I mixed this with a bit of BM so he had a familiar taste. From day 1 I have LOVED weaning him so feeding times are always exciting and Fun. This is one of my 1st tips to Mama’s is to make feeding times fun and happy and NOT stressful. I know a few people who have children who are toddler’s and they won’t eat many foods at-all and when we have talked about when they were younger sometimes mealtimes have resulted in stresstimes! Angel kicks his feet and screeches out loud for his next spoonful which cant come quick enough so guess that means he likes it! Looking at this photo I’d say he looks like he’s enjoying it wouldn’t you? IMG_0382

He is getting quite adventurous now with his meals and the ONLY thing he has turned his nose up at is plain baby porridge and to be fair I don’t blame him it tastes like rank Ready Brek… So here are my findings in the last couple of months. Angel did suffer a bit with constipation and I found a puree of prunes, pear & apricots helped him. I also found Kiwi mashed up in some yoghurt did too.. Be mindful the seeds come out whole in the poop so don’t be alarmed! Over the past month I have also been trying to up his liquid intake but as at my disgust he’s not overly fussed on water I have been mixing a couple of spoons of my cold herbal tea particularly peppermint n liquorice which he not only likes but also seems to help his bowel movements.

One of my main interests when it comes to nutrition is Digestion and assimilation of foods. Some of you may or may not be aware that babies inherit their good bacteria from their mothers, SO Mama’s if your Gut isn’t in the best working order then your babies may not be either… Fear not there are a couple of tips I have. I am a fan of fermented foods, and they are now part of my regular lifestyle including sauerkraut, kombucha & kefir. I feel another blog coming on for fermented foods as I don’t have space here but the latter Kefir is actually OK and even Beneficial to babies. I am lucky enough to have a friend out here who has made her own dairy free coconut kefir which I have introduced Angel to a little and this will help build good bacteria in his gut – We cant have enough good bacteria.. I only give him like half a teaspoon mixed in with fruit puree and wouldn’t suggest everyday. Today I mixed one of his meals with a teaspoon of juice from the sauerkraut to some this might sound disgusting but I don’t give him anything I wouldn’t eat myself and it actually tasted delicious – I will put the recipe below. Also the Magic of Coconut oil is not for adults only it also applies to babies, not just externally but also internally. It is easily digestible so gentle on their gut and high in the “Good” fats we all need to develop and keep a Healthy brain… I have also recently started to include a few herbs and spices in his meals now these include, cinnamon, turmeric & mint, just a pinch! Turmeric is said to support respiratory problems in babies ie. suspected asthma and also  strengthens the immune system so can help build your babies resistance to allergies.

My last but not least tip is not a food but a cooking tool.. Beaba Babycook to me is like my Baby Vitamix. I use it everyday and was a great investment – They’re about £100 BUT I use it Everyday and saves me having to get different pans n blenders out as this steams the food blends it and heats it up all in one neat cute little machine. I’m not one for having the latest gadgets BUT this is my new kitchen bestfriend. I have posted a picture below with the content recipe beside.

Recipe - 1 sweet potato steam for 7 mins then add spinach, peas & mint for further 5 minutes. Blend all with a bit of the water and teaspoon of fermented cabbage juice. I'd be pleased with this as mash on my Sunday was Deeeelicous



Strong 4 Life Baby Sweet Pots Recipe :

1 sweet potato chopped into small chunks – Steam for about 7 mins

10 fresh peas from pods, small handful spinach & leaves on 1 sprig mint. – add and steam for further 3 minutes

Blend in small amount of the steamed water and teaspoon of fermented cabbage juice.

Seriously I’d be chuffed if I go this as mash on my Sunday roast tastes Deeeelicous.

So my Strong 3 Tips for weaning are

1) Make it FUN

2) Make it Tasty

3) Make it Easy


I could have carried on and on so for those of you who are still with me Thank You and I hope this info helps a few mama’s on this exciting chapter #iloveweaning This info is based on mine and Angel’s own experiences and no scientific evidence as I said earlier I feel Mama’s “Gut” instinct is the BEST source of info so if you don’t agree with me that’s also fine but it felt right to share. #sharingiscaring

I promise not to leave my blog so long next time and for those None new mama’s out there Strong4Life Nutrition isn’t all about baby nutrition so please stay tuned for more hints n tips.

Feel free to share with anyone you think may find interesting and have a navigate around my site for more information on Strong4Life Nutrition


Love Light N Laughter Lise x