Nutrition Education

My passion & fascination when it comes to nutrition is the benefits this can have on the mind body and soul, not just on the outer shell but also on the inner soul. This was the reason I chose to do my Diploma with the Institute of Natural Healing (now the Blackford Centre).  Many people who meet me say “I don’t know where you get your Energy from” I reply it’s simple my Food!

The definition of food is “A nourishing substance taken into the body to sustain life, provide Energy and promote growth”

Many of the processed foods, refined carbohydrates, sugary drinks and coffee which is the staple diet for many of us in today’s society do not nourish our body and the result is we are left feeling lethargic, miserable, anxious and depressed. Does this sound familiar? Would you like to have more Energy? Would you like to have nice skin? Would you like to have less aches and pains? Would you like to feel happy most of the time and Jump out of bed (without an alarm) ready to face the opportunities of the day ahead?

Most people will answer Yes to these questions and if that is YOU then waste no time and book on a session, workshop or retreat Now – go on treat yourself, invest in yourself you only get one body let’s make it the best oiled machine possible so that it will provide you with Health and Longevity.

I am not saying you will see and feel results instantly, this is a two way relationship I give you the tools and information you need for you to make changes in your life to ensure you have increased energy, avoid the peaks and troughs and have more mental clarity and physical health.

During session’s I can discuss the different food groups and the benefit each one has on the body, discuss existing diet plans and recommend what changes will support you. I educate which foods and drinks can have a negative impact on the body and put pressure on the organs which can cause illness. Which foods will deplete and increase your energy – after-all the onset of illness / dis-ease very often starts with fatigue. I will introduce you to new superfoods.  I can do sample juices and smoothie’s and sometimes even provide taster lunches – This forms part of the workshops.

I trust through reading this you feel that my passion to educate and support people to live a happier healthier dis-ease free life through what they eat is my purpose. I look forward to working with you.