Nourish To Flourish in 2016

Hi Everyone it’s that in between time where do we say Merry Christmas or is it now Have a Good New Year either way many people are feeling Sluggish, Tired, Bloated or all of the above…. So I thought a few Simple easy tips maybe welcomed to get you back to your Pre Christmas Vibrant self and help Springboard you into 2016 after all why wait until 2nd, 3rd or 4th of January? I appreciate Christmas isn’t a time for counting calories although also why does it need to be a time to let all your hardwork go to waste and feel such an uphill struggle from the 1st week of Jan. It’s all about Moderation and Balance, keep moving whether that be Dancing, walking or like me this morning a good ole functional workout with kettlebells, battle ropes, sprints to help work off that homemade Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. I see many Nutritional articles now which can be a little confusing and many things contradict one another but those of you who know me know I like to keep it simple, affordable, realistic and work towards Rituals aka a good forming Habit, so here are my 5 easy tips to rid the bloat and increase your Energy as we head towards a Brand new AMAZING year.

1) Start the day with Warm Water Half an unwaxed lemon, good inch of Ginger, tablespoon of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon Tumeric & small teaspoon of Local Honey. This makes for an Alkalising, Anti inflammatory, anti-bacterial, immune & metabolism boosting drink. Have this before ANYTHING else enters your mouth each day.

2) Eat your Greens, most greens contain high doses of Chlorophyll which promotes cleansing in the body. The structure of Chlorophyll is similar to the make up of Human blood, it is thought to increase the haemoglobin in blood. So if we have oxygen rich blood our cells will THRIVE!

3) Portion control, take a moment to consider the size of your stomach (Not your abdomen) your stomach is normally around the size of your fist and it stretches to accommodate food. So use your fist as a guide, look at your plate if you put 3 fists on there is there still breathing space? when there becomes no breathing space on your plate think about your Personal breathing space!

4) Eliminate Gluten, are you Sluggish, have chronic fatigue, depression, migraines or just not feeling right and after numerous Dr’s visits you also now feel paranoid? If you can relate to this try eliminating Gluten for the month of January. Trust me Most people feel Brand NEW! Gluten is hidden in many foods, sauces, drinks etc so be sure to become a Label inspector and AVOID it completely having a little is like an alcoholic have a couple of beers. Go cold turkey to feel the full Benefits. No bloat, More Energy and Clear head “Because you’re Worth it”

5) Avoid Sugar, if you are a sugar fiend try a Chromium supplement to help curb cravings and Lucuma as your sweet substitute. Lucuma is a SuperFruit Sweetener from Peru. It is Low glycemic therefore does not spike blood sugar levels and is suitable for Diabetics.

So that’s my Flourishing Five to Nourish your Soul and start 2016 with that Birthright Energy you deserve.



Wishing you all Health Love & Happiness for 2016 and Beyond and I would LOVE to see some of you on a Retreat in Ibiza next year. My website will be updated very soon but in the meantime for any of you North Englanders I am co hosting a Shed the Sh*T workshop near Liverpool on 9th January. Details on Facebook or email me at