How often do you go to the toilet?

Hi Everyone, Thanks once again for taking the time to visit my site. The last 10 days I have been plunged into what I can only describe as a well of sadness, grief & stress – I hate using that word but it is such a big part of our life in today’s world. My mum has passed after suffering a long severe illness 1st being diagnosed with MS in her early 30′s then getting dementia and many other things that took a hold of her. I genuinely believe she is now at peace and is right by my side. This is still very raw but I felt the need to write about it as she is my inspiration in many of the things I do with Strong 4 Life. She always tried to be healthy but by being healthy one of the things she thought she has to do was eliminate fat, this was through media pressure which started in the 80′s about “fat makes you fat” We are now bigger than ever!!!!  If you have read my previous blog you will understand that we need fat in our lifestyle to make our brain function correctly. My mum also suffered with her digestive system and this is one area I would like to focus on. Our digestive system is SO important to our overall wellbeing. I know I have spoke to a few people lately (mainly ladies) who don’t eliminate regularly or properly. This is an important function that your body needs, if you are not eliminating waste matter from your colon it can spread to other parts of your body and over a number of years this can result in illness and disease of all kinds. At my up and coming workshops will be discussing the importance of digestive health. But quick tips to help get your bowels moving and eliminate that Sh.T you are full of is.

  1. Start your day with warm water, lemon, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, manuka honey & ginger.
  2. Try adding Chia seeds to your lifestyle, these are GREAT for digestive health – add to porridge, smoothies, baking
  3. Drink more QUALITY water – Why not buy a Brita water bottle you can carry round with you daily – aim for 1.5 – 2 litres per day

Many experts believe disease start’s in the colon, and many female’s hold stress in their tummy. So when you feel stress coming on another tip is to take yourself into a quiet corner for 5 minutes and concentrate on your breathing. Big Belly breathing like a baby would. Through my experiences with my Reiki clients I have seen that many people in this day and age breathe from there chest instead of their belly. This can squash everything inside and could be another reason you are constipated, bloated etc. Breathe is our Life Force – Yet so many people don’t do it properly – I used to be one of them until I started Yoga & Meditating. I can also relate to everything I have mentioned here as I too used to suffer with my digestive system but through many relaxation techniques, regular mindful breathing & good nutrition I now have a Happy tummy, albeit these last few days it has felt a little achy – proof that stress lies in the belly for some including me!

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Have a Great week and remember to look after yourself – Your Health is Your Wealth – Start the Strong Way Live the Long Way