“How are YOU?”

IMG_1438Hello Everyone well once again it’s been a while, being a new mum and now working while Phill works away really doesn’t leave much time for anything else so my apologies that Blogs and Newsletters have been rather scarce this year. (Well OF course I fit in my meditation time as if not I think I may have gone a little insane) 10 minutes is all it takes sometimes but that daily practice for me keeps me in my Flow…. So what’s been happening in the Strong 4 Life World…Woooooooooo where do I start so Retreat season has Well and Truly landed and I have worked on 4 retreats in the past 5 weeks served Food to around 100 Beautiful souls on the Magical Island of Ibiza (My Home) The picture to the left is one of the Salads I served on the last retreat – I mentioned to a friend the other day when she asked do I miss anything from the UK that since living in Ibiza which is still a fairly short time of 8 months I can honestly say it’s the first time in my Life I have “Properly” felt At Home. IT’s a Far cry from my Old life in the UK working in Financial Services being chained to a mobile and laptop day in day out and I can say from my Heart it’s Liberating. The opportunities that have come my way since landing here have been immense and that is proof to me I am living my “Dharma” (which basically means in simple terms living your TRUTH) You will know if you are living your Truth as lots of Synchronicities will happen, doors will open where there were only walls and people will appear like you have known them for years, the need to numb things through stimulants ie. alcohol, will fade away, you will feel Lighter, and dare I say it more “Concious” You will feel ALIVE. If you are feeling a little lost at the moment or you just want to “Treat” yourself check out some Retreat dates here http://www.strong4lifenutrition.co.uk/events/  This is a time for you to ask “How are YOU?” “what do YOU need? and what do you Want?” These are questions you may ask other people regularly However when was the last time you asked yourself? Each time I work on a retreat I am blown away by the Transformations that happen in people and the Special bonds made between the guests it truly is a Magical experience that I am blessed to be a part of. Some of the retreat’s are Women only but others are open to Men & Women alike. We are all Unique and We all have a Purpose here on the Planet What is Yours? If you are unsure I am going to end this blog with an article on 5 Habits Holding you back from your True Purpose which I hope you find useful http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-20234/5-habits-holding-you-back-from-your-true-purpose-and-how-to-change-em.html If you would like to keep in touch regularly the best places are Instagram (Strong4lifenutrition) where I regularly post recipes and my Facebook account. So you maybe thinking there isn’t much about Nutrition in this blog and my Company is Strong4Life Nutrition however if you look at my website http://www.strong4lifenutrition.co.uk/ you will see that My Passion is to support people to Love their Body and Love their Life. I don’t have the best external body in the World However I FEEL good on the inside and I believe that YES what we Eat has a LOT to do with this BUT what we DO and how we Live Also has a huge influence on how we feel, I guess we all know people who Eat well, Exercise well & Look great on the outside but they don’t quite feel right, it could be anxiety, depression or other symptoms which Living Their True Purpose may relieve…. OK that’s right on Queue as my little Angel awakes have to shoot Thanks for reading and I hope to see some of you on a retreat sometime Soon. Remember “Keep it Real , Be True to YOU” X