Holidays & Retreats

I host holidays / retreats in both the UK and abroad namely on the Magical Island of Ibiza. If you haven’t been to Ibiza you may be thinking parties, clubs and alcohol infused evenings, well think again! Ibiza has SO much more than this it truly is a very Spiritual island, home to Es Vedra a huge rock in the sea which is one of THE most magnetic places on Earth and boy can you feel the Energy of the place when you arrive.  It draws you in and makes you feel Alive!

I work with a number of hand picked Yoga teachers & Fitness Instructors who really are wonderfully talented, very approachable, adaptable and friendly souls. We aim to inspire you to live a happier healthier purposeful life. You will get so much more out of this journey than just a holiday see some of the comments on my testimonials page to get an idea of what you can expect.

Our accommodation is always of a high standard and usually on a shared basis. There may be an opportunity to pay a single supplement to have your own space contact us for more details on this. The holidays / retreats are open to both males & females Yogi’s of all standards are welcome from beginners to the more experienced. On the Fitness retreats a good standard of fitness level is recommended. The teachers have a fantastic ability to cater for all different souls, after all we are all unique and we aim to please the crowd.

The price includes all 3 meals each day (except one evening when we take the group out for dinner at a carefully chosen restaurant where you can choose your own meal this is not included in the price) I carefully choose the menu’s to incorporate all my beliefs and values about the power of food and how what we feed our bodies reflects our mind body and soul. We have informal discussions about nutrition and what foods you could choose and avoid to improve your health, energy and general wellbeing. All meals are vegetarian – why? Because I genuinely believe in the Western world we consume far too much meat which I believe contributes to some of the illnesses we face in today’s modern society. There is a myth that on a vegetarian diet you cannot get enough protein, I choose foods and natural supplements to ensure the body receives the necessary proteins it needs for the building and repair functions it is designed for in the body. Protein is needed to repair cell and make new ones. There are a number of reasons for choosing plants over flesh, namely to heal a dis-ease, lower blood pressure, lose weight and or increase energy. (I am not vegetarian as I eat fish) and I am not trying to make anyone become vegetarian my aim is to educate and give you new experiences and then if and when you feel better in yourself you can then experiment at home. I do provide a few sample recipe’s after the holiday / retreat.

I feel it is important that the food we eat is as near as nature intended when it enters the body. This means we experience the full nutritional value of the food. I also like to see and hear people’s delights at vegetarian food especially when it is something they haven’t tried before most peep’s are very pleasantly surprised.

So if You want more than a holiday if you want to relax, re-energise and feel clean inside and out with like – minded souls then book yourself onto one of our retreats today – You won’t regret it!