Health & Wellbeing on Trend – Who’s in it for the Lifelong commitment


IMG_5013Hola me Amigo’s – I am busy practising my Spanish in preparation for the big Ibiza move later this year so for those who don’t know this means Hello my Friends. I have been over in Ibiza this month watching our Dream unfold, the builders are in and Athena is taking shape beautifully. It will be a long hard slog but we have our Guardian Angel watching over the builders as you can see in the amazing photo to the right. Today is Mother’s Day and I am doing a lot of reflecting and remembering of my Beautiful Mum and now Guardian Angel who left us for a more Peaceful place late last year. Bless Her Soul, some may find this weird but I feel she is more with me now than she was in the past 10 years, she suffered for a long time and couldn’t speak etc.. so visits to her were difficult BUT now well I feel her SOUL every single day, I have had her Ashes bedded into a ring and wear her everyday. When I am nervous or anxious about something I feel this inner strength and know it is my mum guiding me and supporting me – This is proof our Soul lives on we never really die. Death shouldn’t be something we fear but more embrace and celebrate what that person has taught us and the contribution they’ve made to ours and others lives. I have said it before and I truly believe my mum is the reason I am now working in the Wellbeing arena and the reason my number one belief is that we should all take responsibility for our own health. Health & Wellbeing is on trend at the moment and has a real buzz around it – What my hope is is that this isn’t just a “buzzword” but this is a long lifestyle change that we can all incorporate to our children and grandchildren. We have a real chance now to improve the health of our planet and future generations but we really need a strong committed and determined force to ensure this happens and I know as you are reading this you are one of the Strong force. It pains me to see and hear about the chronic illnesses people are now facing at a younger and younger age. I saw an article this week about a 6 month old baby who had ovarian Cancer. This is a crisis and simply should now be happening and we need to all be conscious about how we may be able to prevent these things happening. In my workshops I talk about the importance of detoxing and how to do it, I also have a workshop coming up next month where I’ll be talking about the health hazards of beauty products, household cleaning products etc.. Check out my website for more details My newsletter is due this week which will include an article on RAW foods and the benefits these have on our mind and body so if you are interested feel free to sign up at I’ll also be including a FREE recipe. Don’t forget I offer small workshops at people’s home’s and also 121 sessions in Coaching, Nutrition & Reiki. For more details or to treat a Loved one call me on 07960 464213 or email check out my testimonials to see what clients have to say Start The Strong Way Live The Long Way XX