Follow your Passion & Doors will open where there were only walls…..


Hey bloggers well as we approach the end of January I can honestly say my Energy Spirit & Love for Life are blooming (as is my belly) with the Baba not over indulgence I might add! 2014 certainly seems to be the year of Health. I have had a fantastic start to the year with many people’s “resolutions” to become responsible for their own Health. I have had more Reiki clients than ever before and also a strong interest in 121 Wellness Coaching & Nutrition advice. I’ve enrolled and started a Counselling course which will compliment my services immensely. For those who follow my blog you will know that October / November were very tough times for me – The hardest of my life and when Life throws challenges and tribulations at us we never feel like they’re going away BUT look in just 3 months EVERYTHING has changed. I truly believe that when we follow our Purpose & Passion in life the Universe will open doors where only walls were before. I have had LOTS of opportunities come my way this month, we have run 2 very successful retreats in Cumbria with some amazingly inspiring ladies. Oh I should mention actually unless stated our retreats are not women only men are MORE than welcome to join us. Keep your eye on my events page you have no idea what your Passion is 121 Coaching can support you in identifying what it is you really want and then reaching out to attain in. Check out my website for more information of this

I look forward to supporting and facilitating many people throughout 2014 to a Happier Healthier and more Fullfilling LIFE. Sign up to my newsletter for free hints and tips, recipe’s and details of future Strong 4 Life events. Have an Amazing week Love Lise x