“Everything Happens for a Reason”

Hey folks So again its a little while since I sat and wrote, something I actually LOVE doing however don’t seem to get much time these days…. However as my car broke down yesterday (But I managed to get the roadside assistance out in half hour and fix in 2 minutes) I got on with my day to day “Stuff” Today on another VERY Rainy Wet Grey day in Ibiza I go to get in the car to find once again the engine will not start Hmmmmmmmmmmm Message “JUST STOP” I have to say this week has been HARD, and something that is VERY Rare for me I was moved to tears earlier, thinking why is all this happening. Then I pulled myself together and even though I am trying to wean Angel off the boob I fed him as I knew he was tired and it would give me time to breathe. OK So think logically, get your Sh*t together women so I called the insurance again who unlike yesterday were actually really rude and said that next time I must speak to them in Spanish as my contract says they cant speak to me in English (Even though the guy spoke perfect English) and there was no mention of this yesterday… I was on the verge of either Screaming or Crying BUT instead I said OK can I take your name please and Thank you for helping me today (While biting my lip at the same time) Message “SPEAK SPANISH” SO the title here is “Everything Happens for a Reason” and I quote this ALOT and when we’re in the thick of it it doesn’t always feel that way things like “Why me?” Why now? What have I done to deserve this all this things crop up but wether we realise it now or later there is ALWAYS a Reason So I sat back while waiting for the road assitance guy looking at my Angel sleeping and searched for a guided meditation (which I also did yesterday when the same thing happened). Yesterday the one that came up was you are supported. This time it was to Just Be. Even taking 10-15 minutes out of the Chaos made me feel calmer, more focused and able to see that really its no big deal. OK So I cant go out of the house today but its Peeing down with rain anyways, and I aint blogged or updated my website for so long so hey Universe OK I see what you are doing if I wont stop you will make me. The disadvantages (Or you could say advantages) of living at the very top of a very steep windey hill is that to walk anywhere is challenging especially with a one year old! So here I am typing away telling you my story and already I can feel a smile appearing, it makes me realise I like writing and that a problem shared is a problem halved. Oh and after thinking what a bad week this is I remember that I have had a mention in both LOOK & HELLO Magazines this week so come on Mrs Strong it’s not a bad week you are just Tired with having very little sleep and missing your hubby who has been away 3 weeks with another 1 to go and this is where I send out my Loving thoughts and Energy to both Single mums and stay at home mums. I have worked quite a lot this summer however it has been on and off so not week in week out, I am doing what I love ie. cooking and educating people on Food and the medicinal benefits it provides but this doesn’t mean it is easy especially when Phill’s away and I have to do all the shopping for all the guests, cooking cleaning up etc… in between sorting Angel who is with a babysitter when I work. HOWEVER I must say I think the hardest job of all is looking after a 15month old 247! I have taken the decision not to put Angel in nursery this is my personal decision and I’m not saying never just not now, BUT for anyone reading this who thinks stay at home mums have it easy I have to vouch and say they ABSOLUTLEY Don’t…. Life is full on in the mum at home household, clearing up the pots n pans the baba’s get out followed by the food they tipped on the floor, followed by every single toy they decide to get out n not put away, then deciding and making meals for the little one’s, changing nappies, and then changing nappies again when pooed in clean one, entertaining them when bored with the pots n pans, saving them as they launch themselves of the couch you get the picture Mums feel free to add to this never ending list hahaha wouldn’t change it for the world but trust me its not the “EASY” option going to work is much easier hahahah.. and then the single mums out there take a high five from me you ladies do an Amazing job…. I count the days to when Phills back for a bit of restbite but you ladies what days do you count, give yourself a pat on the back and hope you all have someone you can lean on. Anyways that’s all from me as I need to make the little mans Gluten Free brown rice pasta with courgettes tomatoes garlic and nutritional yeast before he wakes any minute Hasta Luego mi amigo (My Spanish has Begun!) Oh and before I forget 2016 is in full flow planning I have updated a couple of events here but more to follow VERY SOON keep your eyes peeled if you’d like to join me on something next year ..http://www.strong4lifenutrition.co.uk/events/everything happens for a reason