Does DisEase start in our Gut?

Hey folks so yes its been a while AGAIN. I have been very busy working on retreats, educating guests about Nutrition through talking and also preparing and providing the food for them. My ethos is all about keeping it simple fresh clean and chemical free and to inspire our guests to go home and continue this journey. Most comment how much more energy they have by the end of the week which encourages them to try these things at home. So why the title “Does DisEase start in our Gut?” the reason for this is I have realised through meeting many guests & clients over the past couple of years that “Gut” problems are ever increasing this can be anything from symptoms such as bloatedness, diarrhoea, IBS, gas, indigestion, leaky gut syndrome, kidney stones, depression (I will explain this) the list goes on & on. Whatever symptoms people suffer they are sure to be uncomfortable and inconvenient and interrupt daily life. I will start by explaining why I have placed depression in the symptoms list as to many of you this may not seem an obvious one when we are talking about the gut. So our bellies go far beyond just the processing the food we eat, many scientists have nicknamed it our “second brain”. Have you heard of Serotonin? If you have most people know this is a neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) which is believed to act as a mood stabiliser. Most people think this is in our brain but actually its estimated over 90% lives in our digestive tract. The chemical is often linked to feeling good and living longer (all of which I am assuming we would like to do?) Have you ever used the phrase “I just get a gut feeling about it” Yes me too LOTS and thats because if we listen to it our gut it has so many answers for us, but we need to nourish it well to ensure we are in optimal health. This subject is close to my heart as my nan, mum & myself all suffered with digestive issues. My nan & mum are no longer in this lifetime however I am and I am so pleased I have managed to “Heal my Gut” and want to help others do the same. You have probably experienced the butterfly sensation in your stomach when you are excited or nervous the flip side of this is also true and can cause anxiety depression and irritability. Our gut bacteria is very sensitive to antibiotics, & agricultural chemicals so I would recommend avoiding or at least reducing these wherever possible (especially for children) So if you relate to anything I have said above here are 3 of my top tips to hopefully help you towards a Happy Gut after-all a Happy gut = Happy Mind

1) Start to build up the good bacteria in your gut with a good quality probiotic. I am not one to recommend supplements as I believe most of our nutrients need to come from food but probiotics are definitely something to consider if you are working towards optimal health and 100% if you have digestive issues.

2)  Eat & drink fermented foods regularly. Couple of my favourites are Kombucha AKA Champagne of the Gods (Obviously it is not alcoholic) Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) & Coconut kefir (like a vegan yoghurt product) For those of you on Ibiza I can recommend local suppliers for all these products made here on the island.

3) If you are thinking of having a baby I wholeheartedly support breastfeeding. We inherit our mothers gut bacteria so if hers was poor chances are ours are at birth (I am evidence of that) Research shows that breastmilk contains substances that can significantly enhance your baby gut and brain health. So its not just for the vitamins & minerals.

I hope this short blog can help at least one or two people on their healing journey there are other ways to “Heal” than just putting all our Trust in the Pharmaceutical industry. Dig deeper and empower yourself it’s liberating….

I will end this blog explaining why I write DisEase with a capital E (I know this will annoy the Grammatics out there and I know my way of writing may too but it comes from my Heart) So I believe disease is when the body goes out of balance which then creates an uneasiness hence Dis – Ease. This is a message for us to restore our equilabrium.

If you are interested in going deeper into your healing journey (Most if not ALL of us have some kind of issue) then why not take time out to Rebalance, Restore & Rejuvenate on our retreat next month still 2 places left .

Thank you for reading and feel free to share with anyone whom you think may benefit. Sharing is caring

Love Light & Laughter

Lisa x