Corporate Work

Are your workforce stressed out, do they lack energy, would you like to bring harmony and motivation back to them? Then Strong 4 Life maybe able to help.

The stresses and strains of 21st century living leave many people sick, tired and depressed.

I have worked in the Corporate world all my working life and therefore appreciate the pressure of deadlines, targets, performance reviews etc. that go with this highly pressurised often stressful environment. Through my many years of sales targets to achieve I searched for other avenues to handle my stress instead of the usual outlet of alcohol. I found exercise was a great release but I was still looking for something else. This I believe is one of the things which has led me on my path to Strong 4 Life as a business.  I want to share my experiences with others and support and facilitate them to reduce stress and increase energy. Many people in the corporate world live on processed chemical laden foods and drinks and don’t know or realise how these cocktails of chemicals are affecting their mind, body and ENERGY.

A number of people I speak to say their memory isn’t as good as it used to be “I’m a bit rusty at that” that’s exactly what is happening if you are not fuelling your brain with the correct foods it is actually oxidising and going rusty. Just if you fuelled an unleaded vehicle with diesel it will breakdown so will your brain if it is fuelled with chemicals. What I do is educate and inform people which foods will improve their memory, and ward of the dreaded mental illness which is vastly increasing in the UK, this can range from depression, schizophrenia, dementia right up to alzheimers.  1 in 4 people will suffer a mental illness within the course of a year. Would you like to support and educate your staff in this field to ensure they work to their full potential and maintain concentration and motivation.

One of the main area’s I work in is Energy. We are in an energy crisis and most people feel they need or want more energy. They try and keep these energy levels up by consuming caffeine, and energy drinks to get them through the day. This causes spikes in blood sugar levels and can lead to illness and dis-ease.  Would you like to open the eye’s of your staff to assist them in making choices which will increase their energy which will ultimately mean better productivity and motivation.

I run workshops and seminars to groups of staff to inform them of lifestyle changes which will prevent stress, illness & dis-ease and increase their ENERGY. I can also offer one to one coaching session’s to support the individual get from where they are to where they want to get too.

If you want to invest in your staff in a way that will improve their concentration, motivation and ENERGY then Strong 4 Life could be the answer call or email now to book their first session. What are you waiting for?