Beat Ibiza & Hormonal Blues


greenjuiceHey everyone sorry for the delayed blog this month it is due to being away in Ibiza co hosting a Yoga & Nutrition Retreat which was absolutely Fantastic. An Amazing last retreat to end on before I go off on maternity leave. Most of the ladies were Ibiza virgin’s BUT I am pretty confident they have a new found LOVE for the White Isle and can appreciate why it will soon be my homeland. It was the first time I had worked (and practiced) with Adele Hartshorn of Ignite 4 Life BUT it definitely won’t be the last, for any of you none yogi’s out there that are fitness and clubbing fans like myself then her style could be right up your street. We are hoping to host another retreat in Ibiza later this year and also a weekend one here in the UK in January which will be themed “Detox”. To the right are some pictures of the delights we had. Strong’s Green Machine Juice – Our medicine before our practice & then banana & mango smoothie including chia seeds, bee pollen, and other superfoods with lemon & chia power balls. During the retreat I talked about various subjects including balancing hormones, the benefits of RAW food and the dangers of cosmetics. So I thought I would share some of the information on balancing hormones as this seems to be a common complaint at the moment especially with the ladies, albeit this isn’t exclusive to ladies men have hormones too and do suffer symptoms of these being out of balance.

5 Symptoms your Hormones Could be out of balance

1) Persistant Acne

2) Insomnia

3) IBS (or other digestive complaints

4) Memory Lapses

5) Non-Stop Hunger

5 Foods to Help your Hormones

1) Himalayan Unprocessed Salt (also great for pain & inflammation)

2) Leafy greens – Kale, Broccoli, Spinach

3) Salmon – wild where possible

4) Eggs – Local and from someone you know if possible

5) Maca – This has built it’s reputation on helping hormones.

I also stock an amazing blend designed specifically for women called Luminosity by RawChi. It is a blend of various Superfoods including Maca and is designed to balance hormones, assist with weightloss, boosts metabolism, promotes healthy hair skin & nails and is anti-aging. My clients who take this rave about it – I am placing an order this week so if you would like to order please let me know it is £24.99 for about 6 weeks supply and must be taken EVERYDAY to feel the optimum benefits.

Next month I am going on maternity leave so my last workshop is 7th June in Ellesmere Port check out my website for more details. I am co hosting a Self Love workshop this Sunday in Liverpool and we have a couple of places left.

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