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IMG_5013Hola me Amigo’s – I am busy practising my Spanish in preparation for the big Ibiza move later this year so for those who don’t know this means Hello my Friends. I have been over in Ibiza this month watching our Dream unfold, the builders are in and Athena is taking shape beautifully. It will be a long hard slog but we have our Guardian Angel watching over the builders as you can see in the amazing photo to the right. Today is Mother’s Day and I am doing a lot of reflecting and remembering of my Beautiful Mum and now Guardian Angel who left us for a more Peaceful place late last year. Bless Her Soul, some may find this weird but I feel she is more with me now than she was in the past 10 years, she suffered for a long time and couldn’t speak etc.. so visits to her were difficult BUT now well I feel her SOUL every single day, I have had her Ashes bedded into a ring and wear her everyday. When I am nervous or anxious about something I feel this inner strength and know it is my mum guiding me and supporting me – This is proof our Soul lives on we never really die. Death shouldn’t be something we fear but more embrace and celebrate what that person has taught us and the contribution they’ve made to ours and others lives. I have said it before and I truly believe my mum is the reason I am now working in the Wellbeing arena and the reason my number one belief is that we should all take responsibility for our own health. Health & Wellbeing is on trend at the moment and has a real buzz around it – What my hope is is that this isn’t just a “buzzword” but this is a long lifestyle change that we can all incorporate to our children and grandchildren. We have a real chance now to improve the health of our planet and future generations but we really need a strong committed and determined force to ensure this happens and I know as you are reading this you are one of the Strong force. It pains me to see and hear about the chronic illnesses people are now facing at a younger and younger age. I saw an article this week about a 6 month old baby who had ovarian Cancer. This is a crisis and simply should now be happening and we need to all be conscious about how we may be able to prevent these things happening. In my workshops I talk about the importance of detoxing and how to do it, I also have a workshop coming up next month where I’ll be talking about the health hazards of beauty products, household cleaning products etc.. Check out my website for more details My newsletter is due this week which will include an article on RAW foods and the benefits these have on our mind and body so if you are interested feel free to sign up at I’ll also be including a FREE recipe. Don’t forget I offer small workshops at people’s home’s and also 121 sessions in Coaching, Nutrition & Reiki. For more details or to treat a Loved one call me on 07960 464213 or email check out my testimonials to see what clients have to say Start The Strong Way Live The Long Way XX


You are Sweet enough

Hey bloggers thanks again for checking in – Don’t know about you but I can feel Spring in the air, birds tweeting, snowdrops in the garden and “Lighter” nights YIPEE Sunshine & Vitamin D makes us HAPPY! A subject I’d like to blog on today is Sugar….. The Sweet Evil drug that it is. I truly believe that sugar is the root cause of much illness & dis-ease within our society today. Many of us have a sugar “addiction” you may not have thought of it like that before but it really is an addiction which can be as (if not more) harmful to your health than Alcohol, nicotine or Drug addiction. Yes I just said it Sugar is a Harmful Drug! It is said the average person consumes about 150 pounds of sugar per year this is 20 times more than 2 centuries ago. The harm isn’t just linked with obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure slim people can also be losing their health through the evils of sugar. I know a number of people who are not overweight AT ALL in fact they are probably on the opposite end of the scale BUT their health problems are starting to show. Some of the side effects of a sugar addiction are Mood swings, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Promotes premature aging, ADHD, & it Feeds Cancer cells – What more reason do you need to monitor and try and cut down your sugar intake.  Not all sugars are the same and strangely people look at eliminating fat from their diet rather than sugar. Our Brain needs FAT to function – Good fats obviously, check out one of my previous blogs for more information on which fats and foods I’m referring too. So back to the silent sweet killer SUGAR, One thing that really worries me is how early on children are now getting addicted to this substance. It is EVERYWHERE we look, Cereals, drinks, processed foods, meats, etc…. Don’t let this white powder get a hold of your mind! If you have a really sweet tooth try substituting for Stevia or Xyitol NOT Artificial Sweeteners… These can be WORSE for yours and your child’s health namely Aspartame (also known as NutraSweet & Equal) and Acesulfame K. Become a label inspector it’s Your Future Your Health. Chromium is a supplement known to help with sugar cravings and balance blood sugar levels so you may want to consider trying this to help “wean” you off the drug. Trust me if you have a lot of sugar in your diet and decide to eliminate or substantially reduce it you WILL feel worse before you feel better – It is a Drug so like drug addicts you will need to cold turkey before you feel better. But once you have gone through this pain you will feel the Health gain. Try adding cinnamon to your hot drinks and porridge, half a teaspoon everyday can really help diabetics balance their blood sugar levels, can lower cholesterol & can help reduce pain and stiffness a common complaint in Sugar addicts! If you are interested in finding out more about this subject and other Goods and Evils in the Food chain then I would LOVE to see you at one of my events soon. My next is this Sunday in Barrow in Furness and then next Tuesday in Hoylake Wirral check out my website for more details do hold home events too for a minimum 5 people. For those who want to live and breathe the Wellbeing life for a few days also check out our retreats, a Fitness & Nutrition one in Cumbria in April and a Yoga & Nutrition one in Ibiza in May only a few spaces left so be sure to Treat yourself Soon.  Check out some of my clients testimonials if you would like to hear what they have said about the Strong4Life experience’s

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Follow your Passion & Doors will open where there were only walls…..


Hey bloggers well as we approach the end of January I can honestly say my Energy Spirit & Love for Life are blooming (as is my belly) with the Baba not over indulgence I might add! 2014 certainly seems to be the year of Health. I have had a fantastic start to the year with many people’s “resolutions” to become responsible for their own Health. I have had more Reiki clients than ever before and also a strong interest in 121 Wellness Coaching & Nutrition advice. I’ve enrolled and started a Counselling course which will compliment my services immensely. For those who follow my blog you will know that October / November were very tough times for me – The hardest of my life and when Life throws challenges and tribulations at us we never feel like they’re going away BUT look in just 3 months EVERYTHING has changed. I truly believe that when we follow our Purpose & Passion in life the Universe will open doors where only walls were before. I have had LOTS of opportunities come my way this month, we have run 2 very successful retreats in Cumbria with some amazingly inspiring ladies. Oh I should mention actually unless stated our retreats are not women only men are MORE than welcome to join us. Keep your eye on my events page you have no idea what your Passion is 121 Coaching can support you in identifying what it is you really want and then reaching out to attain in. Check out my website for more information of this

I look forward to supporting and facilitating many people throughout 2014 to a Happier Healthier and more Fullfilling LIFE. Sign up to my newsletter for free hints and tips, recipe’s and details of future Strong 4 Life events. Have an Amazing week Love Lise x



New Beginnings


Well bloggers here we are, we’ve survived the festive period, decorations are down and perhaps so are some or your spirits. Well don’t let them be there is so much to look forward to we are in a brand new year and 2014 for me has a FANTASTIC ring to it, and to add to this for the 1st time in 19 years we brought in the New Year with a New Moon a sign of new beginnings. So have you set resolutions? do you know what a resolution stands for? it means to RESOLVE something so what in your life do you need to RESOLVE? it’s not to late to start….. Perhaps it’s that extra roll you seem to have found around your middle? Maybe it’s to revive that relationship or maybe it’s to be responsible for your own HEALTH – whatever it is make it have purpose, what will it do to your life? how will it make you feel? why do you want to do it? Many resolutions are broken before we even say goodbye to January but usually this is because it doesn’t have enough Meaning to the person making it. Research proves that if we SHOULD do something we tend to fail BUT if we MUST do something then we will make it happen – Give your resolutions enough intention so that it is a MUST rather than a SHOULD! Some little hints and tips to keep you on track with your Goals….

1) Write a daily to do list – Research proves when something is written down it gets done, plus it gives great pleasure when you see the list being crossed off. At the end of a day you have a sense of achievement.

2) Have a wishlist or vision board – I keep mine as a folder on my laptop – if there is something you want be it a relationship, a baby, a healthy body or a new car google images of them and keep them in a folder – I know to some of you this will sound daft but BELIEVE me it works;-)

3) Meditate – when meditating visualise yourself in the place you want to be looking like you want to look with who you want to be with and go over and over this picture time and time again. Those athletes who do visualisations of themselves winning and go over that vision time and time again tend to be more successful than those who just train each day (it’s not just your physical body which needs training & resting but so does your mind!)

4) Journal – By keeping a daily journal of your thoughts, emotions, & actions it helps you release these from your body and mind which could help with anxiety, insomnia or just that busy mind so many of us have these days.

5) Start with an Attitude or Gratitude. Be thankful for all those great things you have in your life – We all have them, your legs which carry you around all day, the food you are able to eat, the water you’re able to drink, the friends & family you have around you, there is abundance of things to be Grateful for every day and when we are the Universe rewards.

Many people know what they need to do but they need some guidance or support to help get them there. I offer 121 Wellness Coaching which can support you along the way. If it’s a new job you’re after, a relationship you are longing for or simply to find your purpose in life then perhaps some coaching sessions may be the treat for yourself you need. For more information check out my website Email me at for fantastic New Year Deals available.

I also have some group nutrition events coming up check out my page for more details

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You don’t know how Strong you are until being Strong is THE only Option










Hi everyone, and thanks for blogging in. I’ve been a bit quiet on blogging and for those who know me will probably know that these last 2 months have been THE most challenging of my life to date. I didn’t quite realise how much things had affected me and my Energy until I woke up this morning and felt REVITALISED and myself Thank you Universe I feel truly blessed to be in good health and living the life I lead. But to put things into perspective the last 2 months I have been faced with many Life changing events including leaving my job in Financial Services which I had been in for 19 years, selling my house and moving in with the in laws to pursue my Dream of living in Ibiza, this was followed by my mum passing, then a few weeks later my grandad passing and a whole load of bills and fines landing on my lap… I’d wake up each day trying to be positive and something else would come and slap me in the face. We all have challenging times and these really are the times which make us Strong and resilient. “You don’t know how Strong you are until being Strong is the only option”. So I’m not writing this for sympathy or attention but more to share with you the techniques and lifestyle choices I have taken in this period which I believe have seen me through AND will make me come out Stronger on the other side. Everyday I make a warm water with lemon and take it down to my Garden room where I do yoga practice followed by a short meditation. I really don’t do anything before doing this daily ritual – Admittedly the last few weeks I haven’t felt like doing it somedays but still forced myself down there even if practice was only 10 minutes, sometimes I’d lie down in meditation and just want to lie there all day but I didn’t. I’d set intentions and Thank the Universe for the wonderful things I have in my life (of which there are always many – even when it may not feel like it) I then pull Angel cards everyday – These give me guidance on what actions and decisions to make in my life. Mine are Doreen Virtue Oracle cards and they have helped me make many important decisions – Some of you reading this will think it’s a whole load of hippy shizz – But don’t knock it until you have tried it. I love working out in fitness classes and although I feel like my fitness has waded a little I have ensured that I have still regularly been attending the gym and classes this really is a release for me and no matter how much I didn’t feel like going I can guarantee I will ALWAYS feel better afterwards. I truly believe with fitness and yoga it is all down to the teachers and if you find one’s you have a good connection with they will ensure you enjoy it and you may even find you become addicted to it. I know my limit for no fitness is 4 days, after that I can feel the stress levels rise and my mind feels jumbled and an anxious type feeling kicks in. Personally for me Boxing and Yoga are my favourites, boxing releases my frustrations and stress and yoga calms my mind and body and prevents me getting injured. As I’m a nutritionist obviously food plays a big part in my life and I truly believe that the foods we eat massively affect our mood, our energy, our hormones and our stress levels. I juice often ensuring the majority of ingredients are vegetables and use various natural supplements such as baobab, wheatgrass and spirulina for some of my recipe’s like my facebook page I also ensure all my food is as close to nature as nature intended, therefore eating nothing processed or laden with chemicals as I truly believe the influx of these into our bodies has our hormones racing, blood sugar levels rising, our digestive systems dying and our brain in complete array. The other thing I do on a regular basis is read, and I don’t mean the latest gossip mags or celeb news but educational and motivational books and articles which really does help focus my mind and gives me faith and hope. My latest read is the new release by Rhonda Byrne, Hero. I can resonate with so much in the book here’s a little snippet ” Be aware of how you’re feeling there are times when you feel negative, down and defeated, the most important thing you can do is accept responsibility and choose to do something different to alter your current circumstances” That’s what I did when I choose to leave a well paid job in financial services, I didn’t want to become one of those people that just moaned about their job I had to DO something about it. – “Feel the Fear and do it anyway” Last but by no means least what has seen me through these last 2 months are the Strong supportive positive people I have around me such as my marvellous husband, lots of amazing friends who really are like family and my family both blood family and married in family. I really couldn’t have come through this without the support of them all. So if any of you are reading this now then a Huge THANK YOU – I owe you one.

So in short Strong’s top 5 Tips to keep your Spirits high when it feels like the world is against you.

1. Exercise – Move your body – Use it or lose it

2. Meditate – Give your mind a break and focus on the things you want not what you don’t want.

3. Eat Well – Give up the CRAP – Carbonated drinks, Refined Carbs, Artificial Sweetners & Processed stuff

4. Read – Educational, inspirational & Motivational books and articles. Start with “The Secret” if you haven’t already

5. Surround yourself with Positive Supportive people.

My next workshop is at St David’s Park hotel Ewloe details of events are at

Thanks for reading Start The Strong Way Live The Long Way.

Want to lose weight before Christmas it IS still possible

Hi folks, we are now well into November and the festive season is fast approaching, where has this year gone? and you maybe reading this after looking online at your new LBD and feeling a little down in the dumps that you haven’t lost those extra few pounds you had promised yourself. Well don’t despair there IS still time to shift the bulge and look gorgeous at that Christmas Do. Here’s a few Strong 4 Life tips to help you on your way. Start the day with warm water & lemon, to help melt that extra layer around the middle add a dash of Organic Cyder vinegar & a dash of cayenne pepper. This will also boost your immune system and set your metabolism racing. About an hour later have half a grapefruit. Research proves if you eat grapefruit everyday and do nothing else different you will lose weight – Admittedly not a lot if that is all you have changed! If you need more than a grapefruit at breakfast time have a small bowl of porridge with water and add a little cinnamon and grated apple while cooking. Lunch time try making wraps with cabbage leaves instead of wheat flour and fill with your favourite filling (No mayonnaise though make a dressing with lemon juice, cyder vinegar and dash of olive oil – Remember we NEED Fat in our life – Read my previous blogs if you don’t know why) One idea to make it Asian styley would be grated carrot, cucumber, beansprouts & papaya. For dinner try steamed wild salmon with LOTS of green veggies. Green veggies are LOW in calorific content but HIGH in vitamins, minerals & nutrients. Many of them include Chlorophyll which can help pull toxins out of our body, to enhance this process try the supplement Chlorella great for eliminating metals from our body. You can’t have too many greens! If you feel like having a bit of a clean on the inside abstain from Caffeine, Alcohol, refined sugar, refined fats, processed foods & meat for at least a week and watch the pounds fall away and your body smile from the inside out! If you really want to go for it why not try a Juice fast. There are some great books out there to guide you through this process a good one is Jason Vale’s 5lb’s in 5 days. He will talk you through when to have what juices, why etc….. Want a quick healthy fix that won’t get you straight back to square one then give it a go – You could feel 5 years younger. Your energy levels will dip on the 1st day but once you get through that you should start to feel your energy and mood lift. If you do decide to detox and you normally have a lot of caffeine of sugar I will warn you you WILL feel worse before you feel better – BUT don’t give in this is a Good sign as it is the toxins leaving your body “Cold Turkey” after all it is a drug you are coming off. These symptoms in most people last about 3 days – Albeit this does depend how toxic you are ! We get a shower everyday, we clean our car, we clean our clothes BUT we forget about THE most important things OUR internal organs, give them a your digestive system a break and try a Detox – And I don’t mean go and buy some magic pill or potion on line or at the chemist but just eat Natural foods – Just the way Nature intended….. If you want to find out more about how & why to detox why not treat yourself and book onto one of our events in 2014

Start the Strong Way Live the Long Way Love & Light Lise xx

How often do you go to the toilet?

Hi Everyone, Thanks once again for taking the time to visit my site. The last 10 days I have been plunged into what I can only describe as a well of sadness, grief & stress – I hate using that word but it is such a big part of our life in today’s world. My mum has passed after suffering a long severe illness 1st being diagnosed with MS in her early 30′s then getting dementia and many other things that took a hold of her. I genuinely believe she is now at peace and is right by my side. This is still very raw but I felt the need to write about it as she is my inspiration in many of the things I do with Strong 4 Life. She always tried to be healthy but by being healthy one of the things she thought she has to do was eliminate fat, this was through media pressure which started in the 80′s about “fat makes you fat” We are now bigger than ever!!!!  If you have read my previous blog you will understand that we need fat in our lifestyle to make our brain function correctly. My mum also suffered with her digestive system and this is one area I would like to focus on. Our digestive system is SO important to our overall wellbeing. I know I have spoke to a few people lately (mainly ladies) who don’t eliminate regularly or properly. This is an important function that your body needs, if you are not eliminating waste matter from your colon it can spread to other parts of your body and over a number of years this can result in illness and disease of all kinds. At my up and coming workshops will be discussing the importance of digestive health. But quick tips to help get your bowels moving and eliminate that Sh.T you are full of is.

  1. Start your day with warm water, lemon, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, manuka honey & ginger.
  2. Try adding Chia seeds to your lifestyle, these are GREAT for digestive health – add to porridge, smoothies, baking
  3. Drink more QUALITY water – Why not buy a Brita water bottle you can carry round with you daily – aim for 1.5 – 2 litres per day

Many experts believe disease start’s in the colon, and many female’s hold stress in their tummy. So when you feel stress coming on another tip is to take yourself into a quiet corner for 5 minutes and concentrate on your breathing. Big Belly breathing like a baby would. Through my experiences with my Reiki clients I have seen that many people in this day and age breathe from there chest instead of their belly. This can squash everything inside and could be another reason you are constipated, bloated etc. Breathe is our Life Force – Yet so many people don’t do it properly – I used to be one of them until I started Yoga & Meditating. I can also relate to everything I have mentioned here as I too used to suffer with my digestive system but through many relaxation techniques, regular mindful breathing & good nutrition I now have a Happy tummy, albeit these last few days it has felt a little achy – proof that stress lies in the belly for some including me!

If you would like more hints and tips or smoothie & juice recipes add my facebook page

Have a Great week and remember to look after yourself – Your Health is Your Wealth – Start the Strong Way Live the Long Way

Feeling Awakended

Hi Everyone, I returned from Ibiza this week, which will soon be my homeland. I was there working on a Women’s Awakening Retreat with the wonderful Kirsty Gallagher (Yoga Teacher) & Rebekah Shaman (A Shamanic Healer) My role was to do all the cooking and I provided 3 meals a day for all 17 ladies. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as not only did I get to cook but also to join in most of the Yoga & Shamanic work too. All meals were Vegetarian and included Summer Oatmeal at breakfast various salads at lunchtime including RAW Zucchini & Carrot Salad, Beetroot, Carrot & Red Cabbage, Quinoa with roasted Vegetables & Frittata’s at lunchtime with a hot meal in the evening some of which included Sweet Potato, Chick Pea and Spinach Thai Red Curry & Vegetable Chilli. The feedback on the food was great so I hope all the ladies enjoyed and returned feeling clean inside and out. The retreat consisted of daily yoga practice and daily shamanic ceremonies including finding your power animal and opening the womb. For any of you ladies out there who want a truly transformational experience I would keep an eye out for a similar retreat both here in the UK and Ibiza next year. It is definitely an experience not to be missed. I feel blessed to have been a part of this retreat with a such wonderful diverse bunch of like minded women all set for this new era of Unity Consciousness. My belief is the food we eat is very much part of consciousness, and this means being aware of the foods we put into our bodies, and what they are doing to us.

The food I provide on retreats very much has cleansing and healing in mind at all times. I also try and incorporate a fair amount of RAW foods to enhance this experience. Many people especially those who train hard are concerned about getting enough protein into their diet if not eating meat. I assure you this is possible. Some of the ingredients I use regularly for protein are spinach, chick peas, beans (NOT baked beans!) hemp, & not forgetting the fantastic supplement Spirulina – Spirulina is an algae and has so many nutritional benefits it has been said to be the most nutritious source of food to human’s. Admittedly it doesn’t taste great when just mixed with water so I suggest adding to juices and smoothie’s You will find lots of ideas for these on my facebook page

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of foods, & juicing for both our body and mind then why not check out one of my workshops

Happy Healthy Living – Start The Strong Way Live The Long Way

Why we need fat in our life

Hi Everyone and if this is the first time you have read one of my blogs, thank you and I hope you find the visit worthwhile. Today I am going to talk about FAT! Now many of you maybe reading this thinking yes I want to lose it or even worse I don’t eat fat. Well let me tell you that maybe where you are going wrong in your drive to your Dream body. Our body and mind needs fat to function correctly. Now I am not talking trans fats which are found in burgers, crisps, chips, biscuits, fried foods, processed foods etc…. but the GOOD Fats, specifically Omega 3′s and Monosaturated fats. Our brain is made up predominately of fat and without it it will start to breakdown. Now this could start with the onset of forgetting things, people’s names etc then go onto depression and could finally end up with one of the terrible diseases of the mind which are ever increasing in our society today. These include both Alzeimers and Dementia. Those who know me know I have experienced this 1st hand with my Loved one’s and I am very passionate about providing any information to people to try and prevent this happening to them. Also the quality of the fat you eat (Not no fat) can also affect your weight. How many people do you know have forever been on a Low Fat / No fat diet yet never seem to shift weight or certainly not that last stone. Think about this for the last few decades people have been told that Fat is bad for you and increases your cholesterol and risk of heart disease YET in those last few decades Obesity, Diabetes 2 and Heart disease have gone through the roof! So make of that what you will…. All the grains people have replaced these fats with basically turn into sugar in your body. So I am going to list 5 Good fat foods you may like to start incorporating into your diet which won’t make you fat (assuming you aint stuffing your face with all other kinds of CRAP – Carbonated Drinks, Refined Carbohydrates, Artificial Additives – Processed Foods)

1) Avocado’s – Full of Monosaturated Fat – Have in a smoothie, or as a salad topping.

2) Nuts & Seeds – Full of Omega 3′s – Especially Chia seeds & flaxseeds – put in porridge & smoothies

3) Salmon – Full of Omega 3′s – Try and buy wild salmon – steam with green veggies

4) Eggs – Buy Organic Free Range – Scrambled eggs or Omelette with added veggies

5) Dark Chocolate – Doesn’t contain milk and does contain Monosaturated fat – A couple of pieces of dark chocolate normally satisfies the craving

If you would like to find out more about this or other health benefits of food then please join me at my next event in Hoylake on 29th October check out

Whenever you see Low Fat or Fat Free think Chemical Crap Cocktail

Start the Strong Way Live the Long Way

5 Foods to help prevent Cancer

Hello readers, and welcome. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and I hope you find it of interest. For those of you who know me you will know my passion around nutrition and wellbeing very much relates to preventing illness and disease. In the BBC news earlier this year it was reported that over half the UK population will get Cancer in their lifetime. Some of you reading this may have already been hit by this or certainly have loved one’s who have. I am a BIG believer in prevention rather than cure, and also looking at the root cause of illness rather than treating the “symptom”

My nutrition Diploma was done with the Institute of Natural Healing (now the Blackwood centre) so I have done a lot of study and research around foods which are Carcinogenic and those which are anti-carcinogenic (which basically means cancer forming or fighting).

So what foods can you start to incorporate into your lifestyle to help fight of the big C and what one thing should you try and avoid?!

Strong’s Suggestions to fight the Big C

1) Tumeric – The No.1 food to ward off Cancer. Great added to brown rice or quinoa when cooking

2) Tomatoes – Especially when cooked contain lycopene which has cancer fighting properties

3) Spinach – Contains multiple flavonoids(antioxidants found in plants) which work together to fight cancer

4) Limes – Contains phytochemicals which are high in anti cancer properties (Great in any Green Juice)

5) Kale – Has anti cancer nutrients (crispy kale recipe on my FB page Like @ strong4lifenutrition)

The one thing you want to have less of to avoid or fight Cancer is refined SUGAR – SUGAR feeds Cancer – SUGAR is the Devil

For juice recipe’s which is also a great way to fight cancer Like my FB page

I talk and educate about foods which prevent illness and disease in my workshops. The next one is 7th September but is SOLD OUT. We have 2 booked for November one on the 9th November in Ellesmere Port and one on the 10th in Preston

To Book your place contact myself either on 07960 464213 or

“Start the Strong Way Live the Long Way”

XX Love & Light Lise XX