Vegan Stew Recipe + Nutrition tips for Christmas

WOW guys i just realised my last blog post was 20th June 2016….. YIKES! Life has definatley ran away with me and I have been shunted slightly sideways on my path but my compass is now back in alignment and I am heading North instead of West… For those who were with me back in 2013 you will know that my Dharma (Purpose) is to support people towards a happier healthier being through Nutrition education, and while I have maintained my foot in the arena I have been consumed with cooking for which I LOVE but teaching people about the medicinal benefits of food is at the core of my Passion. So I will be back on the net waves sharing some health & wellbeing tips and after being guided to film some stuff too I will also be creating my first ever Vlog VERY SOON. Anyway enough about me lets get to the nitty gritty of Christmas and how we can avoid that January Slug & Slump. Now I am not here to be a party pooper and as a Libran I am a true believer of BALANCE. So for MOST of you Boozing and gorging will be part of the festive season as Food & Drink should be celebrated right, after all it keeps us alive (at least some of it does some of it does the opposite!) Anyway enough of that as I want to keep this returning blog lighthearted, and the purpose is to give you some easy quick tips to keep yourself motivated and energised through the festive period and more importantly Bounce into the New Year with Energy & Inspiration to help you follow your DREAMS (just like I am)

I want to keep these tips simple and accessible to everyone wherever you may be over the next few weeks as I appreciate routines are up routed and we maybe spending time in various different households. (I know I am!)

So here are my Top 3 Nutrition Tips to not only survive the Festive Period but come out the other end shining instead of loafing. Don’t expect some whacky new subscription, or supplement these are Nature’s medicine, accessible to us ALL Everyday. There may be nothing new here for you BUT sometimes its good to go back to basics. How many of you in a work capacity go on a course and think ah I used to do that and get results why did I stop.. Well do you know what the same applies to your Health. What I aim to do with this blog is remind you of some basic daily wellbeing guidance that if we make a Ritual will support our Wealth.. excuse me I mean Health…To me this is the same thing and probably why I accidentally wrote wealth and why i am not not deleting it.

Below is also a super quick easy and affordable recipe to feed all the family between christmas and new year and keep your bellies nourished with goodness between the chocolates and the mince pies. You know that 80/20 rule your sales manager goes on about.. Well it doesn’t just apply to your customers it also applies to your LIFE. So when I say balance if you can eat and drink well 80% of the time with 20% treat time then you will be well on your way to being the Healthiest version of you yet.

Tip No1. Warm Water with lemon EVERY God damn day YES even Christmas Day…. I have literally been doing this for AS LONG as I can remember and I VERY rarely get a cold, or any kind of sickness. The way to do this is not with a measly slice of lemon get half or even a full big lemon squeezed in there. (for those of you who live in Ibiza its Lemon season so they are FREE) “Best things in life are Free” The reason I say Warm not HOT water is because heat destroys some of the Vitamin C which is one of the many benefits we receive from this drink. This drink also helps to flush out toxins, strengthens the liver and aids digestion 3 super important processes ESPECIALLY at the time of year. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the huge benefits provided by this quick, affordable tasty drink. (I add to mine Tbsp Fermented apple cider vinegar & a teaspoon of Raw honey and sometimes Rosemary again found in ABUNDANCE in Ibiza) This is not just for the additional taste AVC can help to boost energy, can aid with weightloss and something I have learnt recently (always eager to share new findings with you guys) is it can help clear a stuffy nose which LOTS of people seem to have right now. It contains potassium which helps thin mucus and the acetic acid prevents germ growth. How amazing right! and again we are blessed in Ibiza with some fabulous local honey products. Good qulaity local and where possible raw honey is more than just a sweetner it helps to counter polen allergies, many of whom suffer with this in Ibiza, it is a Natural energy source, antioxidant powerhouse which helps boost the immune system. (The cheap processed sugar you find in the supermarkets DOES NOT have these benefits these products have been heated and pasturised so much that the benefits true honey provides are discarded which in essence leaves us with a sugar syrup. So in summary this powerhouse cuppa will help you start the day cleaner fresher and more energised.

Tip No.2 Ensure you have Greens EVERY day. Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, Cabbage, Bok choy, Spirulina, Chlorella, whatever takes your fancy keep it GREEN. When I receive a food diary from people the no1 thing which is lacking is GREENS. They are super quick and easy to cook and relatively cheap, why dont we eat more? and why should we?  here are a few reasons why….They contain Vitamin A, C, K & E as well as being packed with Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and fiber. These are ESSENTIAL Vitamins and minerals for Optimum health & longevity. If you haven’t got time to cook be sure to have a Green smoothie in the morning throw in at least one green and add some Superfoods such as Spirulina to give you an all round nutritional powerhouse start to the day.

Tip No.3 Stay hydrated with WATER, No coffee & wine does not count. By all means drink those but UP your water content. This may sound basic but you wouldn’t believe how many people are dehydrated and this can be the onset of MANY other symptoms including fatigue. In order for your body to be able to flush out the extra toxins you are consuming it needs extra WATER. On my Christmas list is a new water bottle that I can carry with me daily reminding me to drink but also reduces the worlds plastic in the process. Water makes up 60% of your body weight it depends on it to survive so I would say pretty crucial right? So how much should we be drinking – Like many things in nutrition I personally don’t think there is a one fits all answer. But somewhere between 2-3 litres should suffice for most people. Start monitoring your water consumption you might be shockingly surprised at how little you are drinking especially over these next few weeks.

So as promised here is my nourishing butternut squash stew perfect for all the family. (I blend angels up with quinoa so he doesn’t see the kale – Mums it works


Butternut Squash Stew. IMG_1389

Ingredients :

1 Butternut Squash

2 cloves garlic

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon ground coriander

1 teaspoon cinnamon

pinch of cayenne

small jar of organic tomatoes (or 3 finely chopped tomatoes)

1 jar of Organic chick peas (or 1 cup dried and soaked overnight)

2 large handfuls of kale.

1 Gluten free vegetable stock cube

1 lime

1 tablespoon Nutritional Yeast (optional)

Quinoa or brown rice to serve

 Heat a teaspoon of coconut oil and fry the garlic for just 1 minute so it doesn’t burn and add all the spices. Chop the butternut squash into cubes and add once you smell the spices add the stock which you have added to 750ml boiling water, and then the Organic tomatoes (if using fresh add them at the beginning before the stock) Bring to the boil and then simmer for around 20 minutes (until Squash is tender) Then add the chick peas, kale, lime & nutritional yeast and leave to simmer for another 10minutes) Above mine is served with mixed red & white quinoa.

This recipe is a perfectly balanced dish, providing plenty of protein from the chick peas & quinoa, carbohydrates from the butternut squash also a good source of of B6 which is essential for our nervous system & immune system and kale which i refer to as the King of greens as it is a nutritional powerhouse high in nutrients and low in calories to name but a few Iron, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C. This is a great meal for all the family Angel now doesn’t like anything green so I blend it all together including the quinoa so he thinks its “Sopa” and he wolfs it down. RESULT.

So I will end this blog wishing you all a VERY Healthy Happy Fun Packed Christmas and New Year and for those of you who do over indulge and need a little detox direction the Lovely Leanna of Yoga Mojo and I will be running a detox retreat style morning on Friday 12th January. So for those of you in Ibiza who are interested please email me on for more details or whats app or PM me.

Love & Laughter



Does DisEase start in our Gut?

Hey folks so yes its been a while AGAIN. I have been very busy working on retreats, educating guests about Nutrition through talking and also preparing and providing the food for them. My ethos is all about keeping it simple fresh clean and chemical free and to inspire our guests to go home and continue this journey. Most comment how much more energy they have by the end of the week which encourages them to try these things at home. So why the title “Does DisEase start in our Gut?” the reason for this is I have realised through meeting many guests & clients over the past couple of years that “Gut” problems are ever increasing this can be anything from symptoms such as bloatedness, diarrhoea, IBS, gas, indigestion, leaky gut syndrome, kidney stones, depression (I will explain this) the list goes on & on. Whatever symptoms people suffer they are sure to be uncomfortable and inconvenient and interrupt daily life. I will start by explaining why I have placed depression in the symptoms list as to many of you this may not seem an obvious one when we are talking about the gut. So our bellies go far beyond just the processing the food we eat, many scientists have nicknamed it our “second brain”. Have you heard of Serotonin? If you have most people know this is a neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) which is believed to act as a mood stabiliser. Most people think this is in our brain but actually its estimated over 90% lives in our digestive tract. The chemical is often linked to feeling good and living longer (all of which I am assuming we would like to do?) Have you ever used the phrase “I just get a gut feeling about it” Yes me too LOTS and thats because if we listen to it our gut it has so many answers for us, but we need to nourish it well to ensure we are in optimal health. This subject is close to my heart as my nan, mum & myself all suffered with digestive issues. My nan & mum are no longer in this lifetime however I am and I am so pleased I have managed to “Heal my Gut” and want to help others do the same. You have probably experienced the butterfly sensation in your stomach when you are excited or nervous the flip side of this is also true and can cause anxiety depression and irritability. Our gut bacteria is very sensitive to antibiotics, & agricultural chemicals so I would recommend avoiding or at least reducing these wherever possible (especially for children) So if you relate to anything I have said above here are 3 of my top tips to hopefully help you towards a Happy Gut after-all a Happy gut = Happy Mind

1) Start to build up the good bacteria in your gut with a good quality probiotic. I am not one to recommend supplements as I believe most of our nutrients need to come from food but probiotics are definitely something to consider if you are working towards optimal health and 100% if you have digestive issues.

2)  Eat & drink fermented foods regularly. Couple of my favourites are Kombucha AKA Champagne of the Gods (Obviously it is not alcoholic) Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) & Coconut kefir (like a vegan yoghurt product) For those of you on Ibiza I can recommend local suppliers for all these products made here on the island.

3) If you are thinking of having a baby I wholeheartedly support breastfeeding. We inherit our mothers gut bacteria so if hers was poor chances are ours are at birth (I am evidence of that) Research shows that breastmilk contains substances that can significantly enhance your baby gut and brain health. So its not just for the vitamins & minerals.

I hope this short blog can help at least one or two people on their healing journey there are other ways to “Heal” than just putting all our Trust in the Pharmaceutical industry. Dig deeper and empower yourself it’s liberating….

I will end this blog explaining why I write DisEase with a capital E (I know this will annoy the Grammatics out there and I know my way of writing may too but it comes from my Heart) So I believe disease is when the body goes out of balance which then creates an uneasiness hence Dis – Ease. This is a message for us to restore our equilabrium.

If you are interested in going deeper into your healing journey (Most if not ALL of us have some kind of issue) then why not take time out to Rebalance, Restore & Rejuvenate on our retreat next month still 2 places left .

Thank you for reading and feel free to share with anyone whom you think may benefit. Sharing is caring

Love Light & Laughter

Lisa x

Nourish To Flourish in 2016

Hi Everyone it’s that in between time where do we say Merry Christmas or is it now Have a Good New Year either way many people are feeling Sluggish, Tired, Bloated or all of the above…. So I thought a few Simple easy tips maybe welcomed to get you back to your Pre Christmas Vibrant self and help Springboard you into 2016 after all why wait until 2nd, 3rd or 4th of January? I appreciate Christmas isn’t a time for counting calories although also why does it need to be a time to let all your hardwork go to waste and feel such an uphill struggle from the 1st week of Jan. It’s all about Moderation and Balance, keep moving whether that be Dancing, walking or like me this morning a good ole functional workout with kettlebells, battle ropes, sprints to help work off that homemade Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. I see many Nutritional articles now which can be a little confusing and many things contradict one another but those of you who know me know I like to keep it simple, affordable, realistic and work towards Rituals aka a good forming Habit, so here are my 5 easy tips to rid the bloat and increase your Energy as we head towards a Brand new AMAZING year.

1) Start the day with Warm Water Half an unwaxed lemon, good inch of Ginger, tablespoon of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon Tumeric & small teaspoon of Local Honey. This makes for an Alkalising, Anti inflammatory, anti-bacterial, immune & metabolism boosting drink. Have this before ANYTHING else enters your mouth each day.

2) Eat your Greens, most greens contain high doses of Chlorophyll which promotes cleansing in the body. The structure of Chlorophyll is similar to the make up of Human blood, it is thought to increase the haemoglobin in blood. So if we have oxygen rich blood our cells will THRIVE!

3) Portion control, take a moment to consider the size of your stomach (Not your abdomen) your stomach is normally around the size of your fist and it stretches to accommodate food. So use your fist as a guide, look at your plate if you put 3 fists on there is there still breathing space? when there becomes no breathing space on your plate think about your Personal breathing space!

4) Eliminate Gluten, are you Sluggish, have chronic fatigue, depression, migraines or just not feeling right and after numerous Dr’s visits you also now feel paranoid? If you can relate to this try eliminating Gluten for the month of January. Trust me Most people feel Brand NEW! Gluten is hidden in many foods, sauces, drinks etc so be sure to become a Label inspector and AVOID it completely having a little is like an alcoholic have a couple of beers. Go cold turkey to feel the full Benefits. No bloat, More Energy and Clear head “Because you’re Worth it”

5) Avoid Sugar, if you are a sugar fiend try a Chromium supplement to help curb cravings and Lucuma as your sweet substitute. Lucuma is a SuperFruit Sweetener from Peru. It is Low glycemic therefore does not spike blood sugar levels and is suitable for Diabetics.

So that’s my Flourishing Five to Nourish your Soul and start 2016 with that Birthright Energy you deserve.



Wishing you all Health Love & Happiness for 2016 and Beyond and I would LOVE to see some of you on a Retreat in Ibiza next year. My website will be updated very soon but in the meantime for any of you North Englanders I am co hosting a Shed the Sh*T workshop near Liverpool on 9th January. Details on Facebook or email me at


“Everything Happens for a Reason”

Hey folks So again its a little while since I sat and wrote, something I actually LOVE doing however don’t seem to get much time these days…. However as my car broke down yesterday (But I managed to get the roadside assistance out in half hour and fix in 2 minutes) I got on with my day to day “Stuff” Today on another VERY Rainy Wet Grey day in Ibiza I go to get in the car to find once again the engine will not start Hmmmmmmmmmmm Message “JUST STOP” I have to say this week has been HARD, and something that is VERY Rare for me I was moved to tears earlier, thinking why is all this happening. Then I pulled myself together and even though I am trying to wean Angel off the boob I fed him as I knew he was tired and it would give me time to breathe. OK So think logically, get your Sh*t together women so I called the insurance again who unlike yesterday were actually really rude and said that next time I must speak to them in Spanish as my contract says they cant speak to me in English (Even though the guy spoke perfect English) and there was no mention of this yesterday… I was on the verge of either Screaming or Crying BUT instead I said OK can I take your name please and Thank you for helping me today (While biting my lip at the same time) Message “SPEAK SPANISH” SO the title here is “Everything Happens for a Reason” and I quote this ALOT and when we’re in the thick of it it doesn’t always feel that way things like “Why me?” Why now? What have I done to deserve this all this things crop up but wether we realise it now or later there is ALWAYS a Reason So I sat back while waiting for the road assitance guy looking at my Angel sleeping and searched for a guided meditation (which I also did yesterday when the same thing happened). Yesterday the one that came up was you are supported. This time it was to Just Be. Even taking 10-15 minutes out of the Chaos made me feel calmer, more focused and able to see that really its no big deal. OK So I cant go out of the house today but its Peeing down with rain anyways, and I aint blogged or updated my website for so long so hey Universe OK I see what you are doing if I wont stop you will make me. The disadvantages (Or you could say advantages) of living at the very top of a very steep windey hill is that to walk anywhere is challenging especially with a one year old! So here I am typing away telling you my story and already I can feel a smile appearing, it makes me realise I like writing and that a problem shared is a problem halved. Oh and after thinking what a bad week this is I remember that I have had a mention in both LOOK & HELLO Magazines this week so come on Mrs Strong it’s not a bad week you are just Tired with having very little sleep and missing your hubby who has been away 3 weeks with another 1 to go and this is where I send out my Loving thoughts and Energy to both Single mums and stay at home mums. I have worked quite a lot this summer however it has been on and off so not week in week out, I am doing what I love ie. cooking and educating people on Food and the medicinal benefits it provides but this doesn’t mean it is easy especially when Phill’s away and I have to do all the shopping for all the guests, cooking cleaning up etc… in between sorting Angel who is with a babysitter when I work. HOWEVER I must say I think the hardest job of all is looking after a 15month old 247! I have taken the decision not to put Angel in nursery this is my personal decision and I’m not saying never just not now, BUT for anyone reading this who thinks stay at home mums have it easy I have to vouch and say they ABSOLUTLEY Don’t…. Life is full on in the mum at home household, clearing up the pots n pans the baba’s get out followed by the food they tipped on the floor, followed by every single toy they decide to get out n not put away, then deciding and making meals for the little one’s, changing nappies, and then changing nappies again when pooed in clean one, entertaining them when bored with the pots n pans, saving them as they launch themselves of the couch you get the picture Mums feel free to add to this never ending list hahaha wouldn’t change it for the world but trust me its not the “EASY” option going to work is much easier hahahah.. and then the single mums out there take a high five from me you ladies do an Amazing job…. I count the days to when Phills back for a bit of restbite but you ladies what days do you count, give yourself a pat on the back and hope you all have someone you can lean on. Anyways that’s all from me as I need to make the little mans Gluten Free brown rice pasta with courgettes tomatoes garlic and nutritional yeast before he wakes any minute Hasta Luego mi amigo (My Spanish has Begun!) Oh and before I forget 2016 is in full flow planning I have updated a couple of events here but more to follow VERY SOON keep your eyes peeled if you’d like to join me on something next year .. happens for a reason

“How are YOU?”

IMG_1438Hello Everyone well once again it’s been a while, being a new mum and now working while Phill works away really doesn’t leave much time for anything else so my apologies that Blogs and Newsletters have been rather scarce this year. (Well OF course I fit in my meditation time as if not I think I may have gone a little insane) 10 minutes is all it takes sometimes but that daily practice for me keeps me in my Flow…. So what’s been happening in the Strong 4 Life World…Woooooooooo where do I start so Retreat season has Well and Truly landed and I have worked on 4 retreats in the past 5 weeks served Food to around 100 Beautiful souls on the Magical Island of Ibiza (My Home) The picture to the left is one of the Salads I served on the last retreat – I mentioned to a friend the other day when she asked do I miss anything from the UK that since living in Ibiza which is still a fairly short time of 8 months I can honestly say it’s the first time in my Life I have “Properly” felt At Home. IT’s a Far cry from my Old life in the UK working in Financial Services being chained to a mobile and laptop day in day out and I can say from my Heart it’s Liberating. The opportunities that have come my way since landing here have been immense and that is proof to me I am living my “Dharma” (which basically means in simple terms living your TRUTH) You will know if you are living your Truth as lots of Synchronicities will happen, doors will open where there were only walls and people will appear like you have known them for years, the need to numb things through stimulants ie. alcohol, will fade away, you will feel Lighter, and dare I say it more “Concious” You will feel ALIVE. If you are feeling a little lost at the moment or you just want to “Treat” yourself check out some Retreat dates here  This is a time for you to ask “How are YOU?” “what do YOU need? and what do you Want?” These are questions you may ask other people regularly However when was the last time you asked yourself? Each time I work on a retreat I am blown away by the Transformations that happen in people and the Special bonds made between the guests it truly is a Magical experience that I am blessed to be a part of. Some of the retreat’s are Women only but others are open to Men & Women alike. We are all Unique and We all have a Purpose here on the Planet What is Yours? If you are unsure I am going to end this blog with an article on 5 Habits Holding you back from your True Purpose which I hope you find useful If you would like to keep in touch regularly the best places are Instagram (Strong4lifenutrition) where I regularly post recipes and my Facebook account. So you maybe thinking there isn’t much about Nutrition in this blog and my Company is Strong4Life Nutrition however if you look at my website you will see that My Passion is to support people to Love their Body and Love their Life. I don’t have the best external body in the World However I FEEL good on the inside and I believe that YES what we Eat has a LOT to do with this BUT what we DO and how we Live Also has a huge influence on how we feel, I guess we all know people who Eat well, Exercise well & Look great on the outside but they don’t quite feel right, it could be anxiety, depression or other symptoms which Living Their True Purpose may relieve…. OK that’s right on Queue as my little Angel awakes have to shoot Thanks for reading and I hope to see some of you on a retreat sometime Soon. Remember “Keep it Real , Be True to YOU” X



Nutrition for babies

Hi folks its been a while since my last blog, 5 months to be precise… Where has that time gone, Angel is now 8 months!!! Well as the saying goes “Time flies when you’re having fun” and I certainly am! I have done my 1st Strong4Life Nutrition Education talk here in Ibiza for which I teamed up with TWC (The Workout Club) Whether you are a resident or holidaymaker wanting to keep fit check these guys out Great Vibe They are a renowned fitness company here on the island. They share my ethos for no “Diet” is right for everyone Except “eating Clean”For those who follow me you will have heard this saying before but here it goes again….

“There are TOO many people counting Calories and not enough counting Chemicals”

These in my opinion are the killers, these are what are draining our Energy and Zest for Life. Being a new mum I am VERY passionate about ensuring Angel is FREE from Chemicals as much as possible and one way I can ensure that is through his food. I have spoken to quite a few mums about weaning their babies and thought I would put a few of my findings down on paper. I am not saying my findings, feeding techniques or recipes are Right because as a new mum everyday is a school day for me, however I have found some of these techniques and foods have worked well for me & Angel so I thought I would share, and if it helps at least one other Mama n Baba then my mission is accomplished. #sharingiscaring

So here goes firstly I am still breastfeeding so that is the only type of milk Angel has and has had. (I wouldn’t say this is the easy option as he still feeds throughout the night, BUT I am Blessed not to need a lot of sleep…. This boy Loves his Boobies!) A couple of foods which are good for milk supply are Oats, Fennel tea, AND one of my Favourites Chia Seeds. The chia seeds is due to the abundant Omega 3 fats they contain.

Ok so I started to wean Angel at 5 months against what is now the recommended of 6 months. The reason for this was that he was 2 weeks late so his Digestive system will have been a further 2 weeks developed and when I tried him with his 1st bit of apple puree he gulped it down, so as with most things I do as a mum I went with my Mother’s Instinct. Every child is different and every child’s mum knows best, just Listen to your Heart the answers are there. For the 1st month he only had 1 small pot per day in addition to his “On demand Boobie feeds!”

In the first month I only gave him one type of fruit or vegetable puree at a time and then specifically watched for any type of reaction to identify and intolerances or allergies. Some examples I gave him in the 1st month were, apple, pear, prune, sweet potato, cauliflower & parsnip purees. At first I mixed this with a bit of BM so he had a familiar taste. From day 1 I have LOVED weaning him so feeding times are always exciting and Fun. This is one of my 1st tips to Mama’s is to make feeding times fun and happy and NOT stressful. I know a few people who have children who are toddler’s and they won’t eat many foods at-all and when we have talked about when they were younger sometimes mealtimes have resulted in stresstimes! Angel kicks his feet and screeches out loud for his next spoonful which cant come quick enough so guess that means he likes it! Looking at this photo I’d say he looks like he’s enjoying it wouldn’t you? IMG_0382

He is getting quite adventurous now with his meals and the ONLY thing he has turned his nose up at is plain baby porridge and to be fair I don’t blame him it tastes like rank Ready Brek… So here are my findings in the last couple of months. Angel did suffer a bit with constipation and I found a puree of prunes, pear & apricots helped him. I also found Kiwi mashed up in some yoghurt did too.. Be mindful the seeds come out whole in the poop so don’t be alarmed! Over the past month I have also been trying to up his liquid intake but as at my disgust he’s not overly fussed on water I have been mixing a couple of spoons of my cold herbal tea particularly peppermint n liquorice which he not only likes but also seems to help his bowel movements.

One of my main interests when it comes to nutrition is Digestion and assimilation of foods. Some of you may or may not be aware that babies inherit their good bacteria from their mothers, SO Mama’s if your Gut isn’t in the best working order then your babies may not be either… Fear not there are a couple of tips I have. I am a fan of fermented foods, and they are now part of my regular lifestyle including sauerkraut, kombucha & kefir. I feel another blog coming on for fermented foods as I don’t have space here but the latter Kefir is actually OK and even Beneficial to babies. I am lucky enough to have a friend out here who has made her own dairy free coconut kefir which I have introduced Angel to a little and this will help build good bacteria in his gut – We cant have enough good bacteria.. I only give him like half a teaspoon mixed in with fruit puree and wouldn’t suggest everyday. Today I mixed one of his meals with a teaspoon of juice from the sauerkraut to some this might sound disgusting but I don’t give him anything I wouldn’t eat myself and it actually tasted delicious – I will put the recipe below. Also the Magic of Coconut oil is not for adults only it also applies to babies, not just externally but also internally. It is easily digestible so gentle on their gut and high in the “Good” fats we all need to develop and keep a Healthy brain… I have also recently started to include a few herbs and spices in his meals now these include, cinnamon, turmeric & mint, just a pinch! Turmeric is said to support respiratory problems in babies ie. suspected asthma and also  strengthens the immune system so can help build your babies resistance to allergies.

My last but not least tip is not a food but a cooking tool.. Beaba Babycook to me is like my Baby Vitamix. I use it everyday and was a great investment – They’re about £100 BUT I use it Everyday and saves me having to get different pans n blenders out as this steams the food blends it and heats it up all in one neat cute little machine. I’m not one for having the latest gadgets BUT this is my new kitchen bestfriend. I have posted a picture below with the content recipe beside.

Recipe - 1 sweet potato steam for 7 mins then add spinach, peas & mint for further 5 minutes. Blend all with a bit of the water and teaspoon of fermented cabbage juice. I'd be pleased with this as mash on my Sunday was Deeeelicous



Strong 4 Life Baby Sweet Pots Recipe :

1 sweet potato chopped into small chunks – Steam for about 7 mins

10 fresh peas from pods, small handful spinach & leaves on 1 sprig mint. – add and steam for further 3 minutes

Blend in small amount of the steamed water and teaspoon of fermented cabbage juice.

Seriously I’d be chuffed if I go this as mash on my Sunday roast tastes Deeeelicous.

So my Strong 3 Tips for weaning are

1) Make it FUN

2) Make it Tasty

3) Make it Easy


I could have carried on and on so for those of you who are still with me Thank You and I hope this info helps a few mama’s on this exciting chapter #iloveweaning This info is based on mine and Angel’s own experiences and no scientific evidence as I said earlier I feel Mama’s “Gut” instinct is the BEST source of info so if you don’t agree with me that’s also fine but it felt right to share. #sharingiscaring

I promise not to leave my blog so long next time and for those None new mama’s out there Strong4Life Nutrition isn’t all about baby nutrition so please stay tuned for more hints n tips.

Feel free to share with anyone you think may find interesting and have a navigate around my site for more information on Strong4Life Nutrition


Love Light N Laughter Lise x


What’s Important to YOU

Hi guys and gals, well I had planned to regularly blog and write a monthly newsletter BUT for those parents amongst you you will understand that having a newborn baby really is a full time job. I never used to get that when friends used to say I just haven’t had time, what you haven’t had 10 minutes yeh right I thought but jeez NOW I get it!. Being a mum has Really changed me and my life and Everyday is a school day. It has made me evaluate what is important to me and also to manage my time effectively. Angel truly is an Angel however I wouldn’t say he’s an easy baby he needs a LOT of attention. I believe the universe has gifted me with such a child to “Slow me down” for those who have known me a long time you will know I used to be 100mph and have a jam packed diary work and pleasure. Not anymore I take Great pleasure in just being present, living in the now and focusing on Breathing (properly) Most of us don’t and I used to be included in that. This is one sure way of shortening our Life! Big belly breathing is what we need not shallow heart breathing – Do a test – How do you breathe? Give yourself a well deserved 5 minute time out and focus on Your breathing!

As most of my day is spent loving caring and nurturing Angel I have to look at what is important to me, and there are a couple of things I have not let slip since becoming a mum. One of which is daily meditation, unfortunately I don’t get chance to do physical practice everyday BUT I ensure I do at least a short meditation everyday, sometimes just 10 minutes but I fit it in. There have been 3 days since the birth of Angel when I haven’t and guess what? Those were not good days… Now for those cynics amongst you you may think, it’s all in the mind! Well most of us live “all in the mind” and meditation gives us that time and space to go into our subconscious, our creative space – where the Magic happens! Another thing I have managed to do is Read as when I am feeding (which Angel does ALOT) I take this opportunity to educate and evolve through reading and I have revisted Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” here’s an extract for those who haven’t read it “Negativity is totally unnatural. it is a physic pollutant. No other life form on the planet knows negativity, only humans, and so link into the human mind and Insanity” and I don’t mean of the exercise kind. For those fitness freaks amongst you you will know what I mean. But on a serious note I found this statement particularly interesting especially with the increase of dementia and other mental illnesses! I also regularly journal about my thoughts, feelings and aspirations. This used to be Everyday but now it is Most days. This really helps me put things into perspective especially when Phill is away and I don’t have anyone to run things by, most of the time we have our own answers if we just STOP and listen.

Last but by no means least the 1 thing I absolutely promised myself I would keep up is my nutrition, after all I am not one of these un authentic types which don’t practice what they preach I absolutely do, and the reason I do this is not to deprive myself, or to make me sound good But because I KNOW it makes me FEEL GOOD. Even when in hospital after Angel’s birth I didn’t eat their food but asked Phill to bring in some nutritious delights. With a newborn it’s important to be prepared. So I will make things like quinoa with orange, raisins, nuts & seeds, pomegranates and make enough for 2/3 meals. I will have green salads and my spirraller is a god send for sprucing these up with courgette noodles, quick and easy, I always have rice cakes and almond butter on hand and of course my juices and smoothies. Smoothies especially as very quick to make and can just rinse out the vitamix can drink with one hand while feeding with the other. I can whack lots of superfoods in there such as Bee Pollen, Cacao, Chia seeds to name but a few all of which help to keep my Energy levels high, which I have to say they are. I have not needed 1 daytime nap since Angel,s birth and he has NEVER slept through the night, waking at least 4 times and usually up at 530am.I am not telling you this to gloat but to express the importance and results of good clean FOOD. Most people not just new mums complain of lack of Energy and most of us believe Everything is Energy and without it we struggle with life. To find out more about maintaining optimum Energy through what you eat why not check out one of my January workshops in the UK details will be updated on my website very soon to keep updated sign up to my newsletter.

So the 3 things that are important to me for me are 1) Meditation 2) Reading & Journalling 3) Good Clean Food. So now it’s your turn what are your 3 things?

OH sorry 1 more VERY IMPORTANT thing is having a Positive network of people around me, either by satellite or in person. As Eckhart Tolle states Negativity is Unnatural and certainly for me it is very draining, so watch and feel your energy when you are around people do you feel Uplifted or downtrodden when you leave them either in person or on a call or social media – Choose your people carefully. I know my positivity can annoy people sometimes, especially via social media sites but these people can choose to defriend or block me we can’t all get on even though we are all connected.

So I am now signing off as the little fella awakens but I will be out with my newsletter Very soon Thanks for reading and I hope to connect with you one day soon.


Love Light & Laughter

Lisa X

The Birth of an Angel

Hi Everyone I hope you’re all enjoying the Summer we are being Blessed with much sunshine this year – The sun is our easiest way of getting the much needed Vitamin D – There is a lot of research now showing people who have Cancer or Dementia are shown to have a deficiency in Vitamin D. Get yourself out in the sun without Sunscreen for a little while when you can and let this Free Happy Pill be absorbed into your skin and feel an instant high, natural anti depressant. You’ve got to admit the sun does give you an instant high right? This is one Vitamin which is quite difficult to obtain enough from food so get out in nature and smile.

The Strong family are currently living like gypsies housesitting where possible as we sold our houses to pursue our Dream to live in Ibiza, this was before we found out I was pregnant. I’d like to take this opportunity to once again Thank all our wonderful family & friends who are / have supported us through this and invited us into their homes too many to mention but you know who you are! I sit here sometimes thinking we need a “Miracle” to happen to complete our project / Dream and then I look into my Son’s eyes and realise we already made one happen…. He IMG_6730truly is an Angel by name and by nature. Angel Pharrell Strong entered the world on 15th July 2014. He was 2 weeks over his due date and the birth wasn’t natural as I had planned, but I genuinely believe all the daily practice I did including Yoga, Meditation, Hypnobirthing, Journalling, using Crystals and Angel cards in the months and weeks running upto the birth helped me remain calm and focused during quite a traumatic event where an emergency caesarean was called for to deliver our Angel. The Doctor said had this have been 10 years ago our little boy would not have survived. The weeks running upto the birth taught me many lessons including not to be such a control freak, to Let go and know that everything is happening in Divine timing. I am not a lover of hospitals or medics but I have to say the staff at Liverpool Women’s were Amazing and this made me realise that there are instances that Mother Nature needs a helping hand and again to accept this after all there are two ways to look at things Accept it or Change it. In this instance I couldn’t change it. One of the reasons I wouldn’t have wanted a C Section is because what you read says you may have trouble bonding and not be able to breastfeed. For any budding mums reading this -this is utter rubbish, the minute I came round from the general anaesthetic Phill was holding our baby boy he was put straight on me and latched straight away. We had skin to skin all day and feeding has not been a problem so don’t believe what you read we are all here on a journey and I believe all this is part of mine. The nurses were quite surprised by my mobility in the hospital after my operation and the lack of medication / painkillers I needed I genuinely believe good diet, including plenty of greens and daily exercise has helped with this after all “Food is thy Medicine” My recovery has been good thankfully as after 2 weeks Phill went back to work and I had to cope alone. In the words of Susan Jeffers from Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway ” I can handle this” and to all you out there whatever is happening in your world remember this mantra say to yourself “I can handle this” The universe only sends us what we can handle and remember with every challenge there are opportunities. So onto the name of our son, some people have asked me why and where did we get the name Angel, not that we need to explain but for those who are wondering here is the answer. Sadly my mum passed away on the 7th October last year and 2 weeks later we found out I was pregnant after over 3 years of trying – Soon after during meditation the name Angel came to me (this was to be the name if our baby was a girl or a boy) At first Phill wasn’t sure until I told him our son will be brought up in Ibiza where Angel is a common boys name and he was sold, I was adamant in wanting a middle name Phill wasn’t until I came up with Pharrell meaning Heroic man and also the name of the very talented and inspirational Pharrell Williams the songwriter who wrote the worldwide renowned “Happy” song. So there it was the birth of our Son Angel Pharrell Strong. I am learning things everyday in my new life. Being a mother has taught me to slow down even more, be mindful and live in the NOW! Every mother keeps telling me relish this time it doesn’t last long and as I see my little boy change each day I can appreciate this hence why I have decided to take off 6 months with him to bond, grow, laugh and learn. There will certainly be no DNA test as Angel is a mini Phill. So I will end this blog with a message to all budding mums as I know I have a few clients who are pregnant with their first child saying there really is no love like it. I really believe what we put into and on our bodies during pregnancy really does affect our unborn children and in this I mean emotions as well as food, drink and chemicals. I felt great all the way through my pregnancy and did yoga up until the day of the birth. I ate well and didn’t drink alcohol and felt energised, happy and emotionally stable all the way through – OK admittedly those last few overdue days were emotionally trying BUT I came through it very happy and content following the birth of our Angel.

Love Light & Laughter Lise XX

Take time to reflect & relax

Hi Everyone I would like to start this blog by saying a HUGE Thank you to all my Clients, workshop attendee’s, & retreat goers for supporting me and helping me to Live my Dream - My Dream is to support other people to live a Happier Healthier more Energetic Life. Life is for Living and to do that we need ENERGY. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again everything I train in is Energy in fact EVERYTHING is Energy. Without it life can be a daily struggle, an unhappy existence and one where we are not fulfilled. I am now 37 weeks pregnant and I am officially on maternity leave even though I LOVE what I do I am using this time to reflect & relax and take care of myself and my baby. Not such a long time ago I would think doing nothing was a waste of time and that we always had to be doing something I now understand it is so important to give not just our body but also our mind a break, this should be done daily where possible! I am a massive advocate of meditation and practice everyday. Sometimes only 5 minutes sometimes 30 minutes or longer depends how I am feeling and what I have going on. Meditation has SO many health benefits it is hard to ignore and as the saying goes “Those who say they don’t have 20 minutes a day to meditate are the one’s who should be sitting there for an hour”. Some of the most influential people meditate regularly – Oprah, Tony Robbins & even the employee’s of Google. Let me give you 5 good reasons to meditate.

1) It lowers STRESS – Which I believe is the root cause of so many illnesses & dis-ease we face today.

2) It lowers depression risks in all but especially teenagers & pregnant ladies

3) It can support weightloss goals

4) It helps us get to know our True selves and what we really want from life.

5) It then helps us get what we really want from Life.

With these and many more benefits how can you not have time to meditate?

I did a lovely candle meditation with Lyndsey from Ellesmere Port Yoga on Saturday where I held my last workshop. This helps completely clear the mind. Lyndsey is starting a pregnancy yoga class this week if anyone is interested then contact Lyndsey direct I would highly recommend her here is her website

IMG_5957I mentioned in my last newsletter about the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who share our Dreams and Lift our Spirit and yesterday I did just that. I spent the afternoon with some of my closest friends who held a baby shower and spiritual blessing for me and my unborn baby. It was a very special moment which I will cherish forever and they all lit a candle and gave me their positive affirmations and thoughts. When I feel I need support I will contact them all they will light and spend a few moments sending me their positive vibes. So we do not have to be physically with someone to feel their energy. Thank you to my good friend and one of my Yoga teachers Kirsty Gallagher for putting this beautiful ceremony together. Kirsty & I do workshops & retreats together so watch this space for 2015 dates. Beside is a picture of my friends putting their hands on my bump and sharing their Energy and thoughts with me & Baba Strong. The Energy was Immense……….

So as the theme here is relax, take time for you and Energy don’t forget I stock RawChi superfoods and blends to support us in our strive to Health & Wellbeing. I still have some stock available and soon will have an affiliates code for you to order online. Last week our Vitality Blend was featured in OK magazine. This blend includes spirulina, chlorella, acai, inulin amongst other superfoods. It is designed to help us obtain optimum nutrition, increase our energy, improve our digestion and generally increase our Zest for Life. I have a few packs left if you would like to order one please let me know this week and I will hold one for you. Check out the products available on and let me know what you would like to order.

I also stock spirallers to make raw noodles with Courgettes, carrots etc I have 2 left and are £10 each. 1st come first serve. Email me to place your order.

To keep in touch while I’m on maternity leave I would love you to register for my free newsletters each month I write an article on a different wellbeing subject. I will be writing one later this week I haven’t decided on the theme yet so if anyone has any requests please email or Facebook me. My 2015 events will be posted on here too I will be co hosting UK retreats and workshops in January and Ibiza retreats from May onwards. These will be with Yoga Teachers and Fitness Instructors. The feedback we have had so far on these events has been Fantastic check out some of my testimonials if you would like to see what clients have said about their experiences.

Love Light & Laughter and Remember make time to Relax & Reflect and this doesn’t mean slumping in front of the TV – Silence is Bliss……XXX



Beat Ibiza & Hormonal Blues


greenjuiceHey everyone sorry for the delayed blog this month it is due to being away in Ibiza co hosting a Yoga & Nutrition Retreat which was absolutely Fantastic. An Amazing last retreat to end on before I go off on maternity leave. Most of the ladies were Ibiza virgin’s BUT I am pretty confident they have a new found LOVE for the White Isle and can appreciate why it will soon be my homeland. It was the first time I had worked (and practiced) with Adele Hartshorn of Ignite 4 Life BUT it definitely won’t be the last, for any of you none yogi’s out there that are fitness and clubbing fans like myself then her style could be right up your street. We are hoping to host another retreat in Ibiza later this year and also a weekend one here in the UK in January which will be themed “Detox”. To the right are some pictures of the delights we had. Strong’s Green Machine Juice – Our medicine before our practice & then banana & mango smoothie including chia seeds, bee pollen, and other superfoods with lemon & chia power balls. During the retreat I talked about various subjects including balancing hormones, the benefits of RAW food and the dangers of cosmetics. So I thought I would share some of the information on balancing hormones as this seems to be a common complaint at the moment especially with the ladies, albeit this isn’t exclusive to ladies men have hormones too and do suffer symptoms of these being out of balance.

5 Symptoms your Hormones Could be out of balance

1) Persistant Acne

2) Insomnia

3) IBS (or other digestive complaints

4) Memory Lapses

5) Non-Stop Hunger

5 Foods to Help your Hormones

1) Himalayan Unprocessed Salt (also great for pain & inflammation)

2) Leafy greens – Kale, Broccoli, Spinach

3) Salmon – wild where possible

4) Eggs – Local and from someone you know if possible

5) Maca – This has built it’s reputation on helping hormones.

I also stock an amazing blend designed specifically for women called Luminosity by RawChi. It is a blend of various Superfoods including Maca and is designed to balance hormones, assist with weightloss, boosts metabolism, promotes healthy hair skin & nails and is anti-aging. My clients who take this rave about it – I am placing an order this week so if you would like to order please let me know it is £24.99 for about 6 weeks supply and must be taken EVERYDAY to feel the optimum benefits.

Next month I am going on maternity leave so my last workshop is 7th June in Ellesmere Port check out my website for more details. I am co hosting a Self Love workshop this Sunday in Liverpool and we have a couple of places left.

Thanks for reading bloggers and for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter or FB here are my links and I will still be updating these pages with recipe’s and information when I am on maternity leave. Also sign up to my newsletter at where I provide monthly wellbeing article’s on different subjects.


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