5 Foods to help prevent Cancer

Hello readers, and welcome. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and I hope you find it of interest. For those of you who know me you will know my passion around nutrition and wellbeing very much relates to preventing illness and disease. In the BBC news earlier this year it was reported that over half the UK population will get Cancer in their lifetime. Some of you reading this may have already been hit by this or certainly have loved one’s who have. I am a BIG believer in prevention rather than cure, and also looking at the root cause of illness rather than treating the “symptom”

My nutrition Diploma was done with the Institute of Natural Healing (now the Blackwood centre) so I have done a lot of study and research around foods which are Carcinogenic and those which are anti-carcinogenic (which basically means cancer forming or fighting).

So what foods can you start to incorporate into your lifestyle to help fight of the big C and what one thing should you try and avoid?!

Strong’s Suggestions to fight the Big C

1) Tumeric – The No.1 food to ward off Cancer. Great added to brown rice or quinoa when cooking

2) Tomatoes – Especially when cooked contain lycopene which has cancer fighting properties

3) Spinach – Contains multiple flavonoids(antioxidants found in plants) which work together to fight cancer

4) Limes – Contains phytochemicals which are high in anti cancer properties (Great in any Green Juice)

5) Kale – Has anti cancer nutrients (crispy kale recipe on my FB page Like @ strong4lifenutrition)

The one thing you want to have less of to avoid or fight Cancer is refined SUGAR – SUGAR feeds Cancer – SUGAR is the Devil

For juice recipe’s which is also a great way to fight cancer Like my FB page https://www.facebook.com/strong4lifenutrition

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“Start the Strong Way Live the Long Way”

XX Love & Light Lise XX