Strong4LifeNutrition presented by Lisa Strong

Lisa Strong Dip.N (Inst. NH) is a qualified Nutritionist I studied my Diploma through the Institute of Natural Healing now renamed the Blackford Centre for Nutrition. I am a Certified Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach which incorporates Energy Exercise, Energy Foods, Energy Balance and Energy Psychology. To compliment these services I am also a Reiki Practitioner.

Nutrition Education

When it comes to Nutrition I feel my purpose is to educate people about what foods are good and bad for our body and mind and those which deplete and increase our energy. I offer one to one and group session’s and I love running workshops and seminars where I can spread the word to lots of people who are keen to learn more about living a happier healthier dis-ease free lifestyle. That is why I refer to my work as Nutrition Education rather than advice. I am constantly learning a lot through my studies and research about the foods we put into our bodies and also the chemicals and I feel it is my purpose to share this with as many people as possible in a friendly informative educational way. I give you the information for you to go away and make an informed choice about the food you fuel your body with. YOU can choose what you are made of!

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching differs to Life Coaching or Counselling.  My coaching work is aimed at supporting people get from where they currently are in life to where they want to get too by working with Energy. The sessions can incorporate Energy Exercise, Energy Foods, Energy Balance and Energy Psychology. During the coaching session’s I aim to help, support facilitate and coach clients to lead a happy, healthy, energetic, fulfilling life. I do this by using re-energising, coaching and balancing techniques to help reduce stress, help prevent illness and Dis –ease while increasing Energy.


Reiki changed my LIFE! It is a gentle non-intrusive hand’s on treatment which can help reduce stress, anxiety, symptoms and illness by working with Energy to help the body come back into balance. It is a holistic treatment for balancing, healing and harmonising the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It can also encourage personal and spiritual growth.

Holidays & Retreats

I run regular Yoga Retreats with wonderfully talented Yoga teachers. I provide 3 meals per day and nutrition advice throughout your stay. The clean food will leave you feeling light & energetic ready to Live life to the FULL. After-all that it is your Birthright!

I offer a very personalised, professional, and friendly service and always have the client’s wants, needs and desires at the heart of everything I do.